JNN102 Litmus0001 – Hikikomori

7 09 2010

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Another first timer on Just not Normal we are proud to present is Jonathan Ewald from Madison Wisconsin US better known under his artistname Litmus0001. There may not be as many releases to his name but those that are are sublime. Tending more towards the ambient rather then the experimental these three tracks have specifically been chosen to feature on Just not Normal. During 2009 Jonathan presented a podcast/mix show on the Notheen radiostation called ‘Psychosonic aether’ which ran for 21 episodes. All his releases are free releases and he is a fervent appreciator and supporter of the creative commons world.

Improvised and recorded in a single take on March 7th, 2010 at Worthless Research Laboratories in Madison, WI.
6 string bass; electric guitar; percussion; AM radio; effects; loops and delays

01 – hikikomori 1st movement
02 – hikikomori 2nd movement
03 – hikikomori 3rd movement
Runtime: 1’09.50

JNN102 zipfile including artwork

JNN051 Joe McMahon – Gamelan Collider

7 09 2009

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Recorded at little white box, Palo Alto CA on July 18th 2009.

Forester – 130 samples of Gamelan Kyai Parijata
Magnus@Smartelectronix Ambience AU

Front cover art after a bubble-chamber
Photo courtesy Lawrence Berkeley Labs’ Flickr Photostream

Samples from: Marsudiraras provided under the GPL.

Mastered by: Mark Stolk (aka mystahr)

Copyright 2009 by Joe McMahon


01 – Gamelan Collider (39.36)

JNN051 zip file incl. art
Runtime: 39’36

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JNN031 Achnn – Passagers

7 03 2009

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“Through the station with workers clothes, through the travellers, imitate their gesture and their machines, breaking machines, conquest the quays of the railway station and then adorate OUR key figure, did you hear the sea?

key figure: IsawaaaaHAAaaaaaa”

01 les passagers

JNN031 Achnn zip-file
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 39’24 minutes

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JNN010 – Controlled Dissonance – [sic]

7 09 2008

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[sic], the latest endeavor of soft noise/dark ambient blowhard, Controlled
Dissonance, is an expression of minimalistic composition. Stripping down
to the bare bones, Controlled Dissonance culled the sounds for this
release exclusively from field recordings and found material on
microcassette. These recordings were manipulated with a transcription
device, a handful of effects pedals and a small arsenal of digital
effects. The resulting tracks both belie the humble origin of their
source recordings, and elevate even the commonplace sounds of the world
around us to new realms of ambience.

Tape Track 1
Tape Track 2
Tape Track 3

Controlled Dissonance – [sic] zip-file
All tracks vbr kbs. Run time: 32,10 minutes

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