IMC03 Various artists – Dead voices White noise

7 06 2011 page

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings.”

The act of capturing EVP activity to support paranormal research is a source of much contention between skeptics and believers. Dead Voices; White Noise disregards the arguments and goes straight to the heart of the matter – the recordings. Tracks for this compilation were created using EVP recordings, either as samples to complement a composition, or manipulated to become the basis of the composition itself. A brief, but haunting, exposition of dark ambient and noise, inspired by notions of the supernatural.

The intelligent Machinery crew seek to explore this in this brand new compilation album.
Which also for the time being is regarded as possibly the last album release on JNN for some time to come.
But then again; it might just be mere ghosts that hauntingly whisper such nonsensical news.

IMC03 zipfile including artwork
or go to the page and hear the EVP!




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7 06 2011
Dead Voices; White Noise released |

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8 06 2011
16 06 2011
c. reider

This release is bad ass. It gets my seal of approval.

18 06 2011
Various Artists - Dead Voices; White Noise |

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19 07 2011
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4 08 2011

Funny, has seen on page the collection devoted EVP. I want to tell that to me there was personally something similar)))) Casually… Here, if interesting –

8 09 2011
Vuzh Music Blog » Blog Archive » Now Playing: Netlabels

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29 10 2011

sorry, do this label is still active?

7 11 2011

The label is dorment, so to speak. What futured is tomorrow’s choice.

7 11 2011

sad. i just wanted to send you some records of mine.

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