JNN117 My brother Daniel – Ponky

7 01 2011

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The hyper active and musical Scott Buchanan returns as My brother Daniel to the realm of Just not Normal with his now 4th release of lofi goodies. If you loved the first three then by all means number four will have you dancin’ and prancin’ all over the floor. Go and download this release, lock the doors and give it a spin. You’ll not regret it. It’s mad!!!


My Brother Daniel – Ponky


1. Intro: Fonky McPonky +**

2. Casio Madness %^@
3. Daylight Savings !^
4. Bird Boy %
5. Three Bird %

6. Gameboy Intermission: Zintendo $

7. Smiley Face %^
8. Fat Bird %
9. Fallen Church %*@
10. Wee Bird %

11. Outro: Ponky McFonky +**


* Casio SK-1
$ Pitch-bent GameBoy w. Nanoloop v1.5
+ RjDj iPhone Synth
** Roland MC-202
% Bent BabyBird Synth
! Nintendo Korg DS-10
^ Casiotone MT-68
@ Coby tv/radio

Octave Pedal
Distorsion Pedal
Delay Pedal
Alesis FX Mixer
Dr Sampler SP-202


this music falls under any one of these categories:

chance process
homemade music
experimental music
electronic music
field recording
circuit bending

the art of the everyday, guerilla or street music can
uncover the latent potentials of the Internet for networking,
cultural inclusivity, openness and interactivity.



& tip of the hat to:

Mark Stolk
Noel Snow
Koki Abra
Hunnie Bunnies
Ken Rei
Dino Felipe
Computer at Sea
Shaun Blezard
Anton Mobin


01 – Intro Fonky McPonky
02 – Casio madness
03 – Daylight savings
04 – Birdboy
05 Three bird
06 – Zintendo
07 – Smileyface
08 – Fat bird
09 – Fallen church
10 – Wee bird
11 – Outro Ponky McFonky

JNN117 zipfile including artwork


JNN118 Buben vs Anton Mobin – On the different side of the object

7 12 2010

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Vladislav Buben, well known under the name Buben, is a sound artist and an imminent pioneer of the underground scene in Bielorussia.
The connexion between Buben and Anton Mobin was established by Rinus van Alebeek, a few months ago, when Rinus asks Anton a technical help to digitalize sounds from a tape which be used by Buben to compose the great album released on Clinical Archives : Moral Tranformations (ca377) > http://www.archive.org/details/ca377_bra

After this technical support, Buben naturally asks Anton if he have some sounds to send him to start a new collaboration.
Of course, Anton Mobin had sounds and he is always interested in new connexion and web collaboration. Sharing sounds with Buben was very spontaneous; Anton picked up in his sound bank many different textures, like extracts from Live improvisation, radio fragments, Field recordings and every day life moments.

Then, Vladislav Buben was alone to compose, assembly, edit and mix all the materials. The real and unique composer still being Buben in this release !

Listeners must know that nothing in Creation is a easy thing and to complicate the story, the first version of this collaboration was killed by Buben’s laptop, which its hard disk burned !!

The revenge was terrible ! And it’s not one album, but TWO that Buben realized in a total different aesthetic !!
One influenced “darkbeat” and the second more “experimental”…

Thanks to Just Not Normal and Off/Bruma, the two releases are OUT simultaneously on December 7th, 2010 !
Please visit the both websites, to have a complete vision on the project called:
” On the Different Side of the Objects ”

> http://astrangerparadise.com/offbruma/
> https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/


01 Ping
03 Help desk
04 Go brain shop
05 BOFh
06 WRU

JNN118 zipfile including artwork

JNN113 Krabatof – Sea of trees

7 12 2010

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How these mystical artists find their way into the realms of JNN is beyond me sometimes, but behold; this ‘Sea of trees’ will astound you. But before we talk of this album here, let’s share a previous review of ‘Insect’s Brain’ shared on Touching Extremes;

“a little more than 31 minutes of very interesting “bruit art” by Geneva-based Ludovic Guerry, who manipulates “noises, field recordings and many weird sounds” in seven personal definitions of a peculiar world of embryonic utterances and disembodied dreams about the inhospitality of life.”

While it baffles me to know who might be behind Krabatof, since I’ve read a few different names now I find myself lost in the sounds of the album you see in front of you now. The mysticism to me only ups the anté and I find myself caring less for the creator, but dwell only more the the creation. You should try it yourself too! If you too get lost, try the breadcrumbs option, but beware of the geese.


01 – Intro
02 – Jyukai
03 – Sea of trees
04 – Aokigahara
05 – Ki no umi

JNN113 zipfile including artwork

JNN110 Khate – Therapy

7 11 2010

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What are you saying; you never heard of Khate before. What rock have you been living under?
One of the finer mistresses of the world of experimental electronics resurfaces with a brand new album!
After the longest absence from music making and as she claims ‘the crazies’ this fine fine artist returns and boy are we in for a treat. From one of our back and forth emails:

“But! I’m on the mend (or at least pretending to be). And one thing me & the ol’ therapist are working on is me being able to let go of artwork. Like, it’s never good enough, so it languishes in the hard drive/studio forever. I’ve got hours of material that have been building up over the past couple years that I just can’t let go of. Yet I’ve kept them around and worked on them over and over, so I must think they have some merit.

I wanna set some of these captive animals free, just grit my teeth and let them go. In my head, these are terrible tracks… but I can’t exactly hear someone argue otherwise unless I let them go, right?”

Let’s give Khate a warm welcome back and for now delve into this 17 track madness called Therapy, being Therapy.


01 – Spawn of Ingram
02 – High plains
03 – Let’s fuck
04 – Moon
05 – An unfortunate relapse
06 – Ymas
07 – Mad weather
08 – Working title
09 – Labyrinth
10 – Summers fly by
11 – Tape
12 – Pizzano+
13 – The cold
14 – 755
15 – Stew
16 – Syrup
17 – Vesani (march)

JNN110 zipfile including artwork

IMC02 various artists – of Places and moments

7 09 2010

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Of Places and Moments is a celebration of the art of field recordings. The tracks to be included utilized recordings from the Sounds Found Project, a repository of user-contributed field recordings. The source recordings were mangled, manipulated, abused and violated, in some cases beyond recognition, to create 18 distinctly different interpretations ranging from minimal drone, to noise, to electronica.


01 Jack Solium – Celimancie
02 Mystahr – Baltic Blues
03 Phobos – Down the tubes of Penny bell
04 jfox – PROGEX
05 Plastic love tool – Plebs truculenta
06 The Raytownians – Take me back to Tuscaloosa
07 C Reider – Core exit
08 Pyne – The hand of glory
09 Cagey House – Scissor bird
10 robojam – Tekno punks in ze house
11 Gurdonark – Hear and know
12 Sighup – rain, traffic
13 Shane Morris – Contemplating the subjective nature of reality
14 jfox – Gute
15 Controlled Dissonance – St. Clair station
16 Pavonine – Oscilloclast
17 Subspace annex – Paso
18 Ghost animal funeral songs – Cicada filters
Runtime: 1’45.02

IMC02 zipfile including artwork

JNN104 Z.O.T.E – Dos caminhos do Velho Mundo

7 09 2010

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Hailing from Braga, Portugal are Risco Corrosivo and Paranoid Doll. More industrial and more loudness after the delicate experimentalism will sooth your ears when in dire need of release of the chaotic. This very diverse album ranging from lo-fi to noise will certainly peak your interest.

A ideia do álbum “Dos Caminhos do Velho Mundo” consiste num roteiro de poesia de Portugal à Rússia, para cada país um poema de um poeta dessa nação. Foi escolhido Portugal -Hilário Borges, Espanha -Miguel de Unamuno, França -Alfred de Musset, Alemanha -Jakob van Hoddis, Republica Checa -Rainer Maria Rilke, Polónia -Adam Mickiewicz, Bielorrússia -Yanka Kupala e Rússia -Alexander Blok. Além do conceito já referido, este trabalho denota a evolução musical de Z.O.T.E. as músicas mais low-fi (dos inícios) contrastam com as músicas mais recentes, algo propositado de forma a que se represente a nossa evolução e a nossa forma de composição feita pelo puro improviso e sem qualquer influencia musical directa.

The idea for the album “Dos Caminhos do Velho Mundo” is a roadmap of poetry from Portugal to Russia, for each country a poem by a poet of that nation. Was chosen Portugal -Hilário Borges, Spain -Miguel de Unamuno, France -Alfred de Musset, Germany -Jakob van Hoddis, Czech Republic -Rainer Maria Rilke, Poland -Adam Mickiewicz, Belarus -Yanka Kupala and Russia -Alexander Blok. Besides the concept mentioned above, this work shows the evolution of Z.O.T.E. the musics more low-fi songs (from the earlys) contrasts with the latest music, something purposeful so that it represents our evolution and our way of composition made by the pure improvisation without any direct musical influences.


01 – Dos caminhos (remix Hyaena Fierling Reich)
02 – Pureza (Hilario Goncalves)
03 – Vira de noite (Miguel de Unamuno)
04 -Tristeza (Alfred de Musset)
05 – Fim do mundo (Jakob van Hoddis)
06 – A solidao (Rainer Maria Rilke)
07 – A tempestade (Adam Mickiewicz)
08 – O fim (Yanka Kupala)
09 – Noite sinal rua farmacia (Aleksandr Blok)
10 – Do velho mundo
11 – Tristeza (Alfred du Musset) [bonus track]
Runtime: 50.01

JNN104 zipfile including artwork

JNN097 Thanato Twist & Oleg’s sound system – Swing mastication

7 07 2010

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If the world of lo-fi IDM could find more oompf, this would be the place. A wealth of toys has been intergrated into these 10 tracks that will make your mind swirl and your body ache for more. Ofcourse it may just as well be possible that you’re not into such degraded toynoises. If that is the case, you certainly got lost and trapped in a world you needn’t be in.
Most likely you will thoroughly enjoy this recording of two giants in the world of experimental improv’ed music: Ayato and Kortane Cortex.

A review of their first album on Treetrunk records reveils this:
“Psychedelic blasts, vast explosions of noises, unbeat in the repetitions, celestial harmony torn. Plasma waves building the spatial scene of Bailarin noche. Slobbery beats and sweating melodies turn around our solar system. There’s no doubt ! The brain of the Thanato’s is lost in a somber meditation. Black hole. White noise. Ready to thrill on the drift ?”
This may as well have been the review of this current release; it is just breathtaking!

Recorded live & cut @ la ferme lá 07/05/2010 – Olivet, France
master @ Léon la Beauce 23/6/2010
Thanatomutsi VO2 & Thanatogushi ID play:
PSR48, DSR2000, TR606, Dictaphone, Pedals
artwork: Joe Baire


01 – Desert march
02 – Program change
03 – Glitchy-pitchy
04 – Noxious nuggets
05 – Soul delicatessen
06 80’s twisted Oleg’s revenge
07 – Whimsical resurection dub
08 – Nuclear nub
09 – Incantation
10 – Rising at the rill

JNN097 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 38.21

JNN085 Ayato & Anton Mobin – Tales 4 tapes

7 04 2010

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Recorded at the Maïzing studio – Paris, on december 13th, 2009.
Selecta by Ayato at La Ferme Là – Olivet (France), on february 2010.
Master cut by Anton Mobin at the Maïzing studio – Paris (France), on march 2010.

Both active members of the collective H.A.K. LO-FI RECORD
They used to play together in Crash Duo and several improvisation projects since a long time.

Anton Mobin play dictaphones, radio and Buddha machine. Ayato play four tracks tape recorder, dictaphone and radio.
No effects.


Mastering : Mark Stolk (Mystahr)
Cover: TBZ

TALE01 – Ending
TALE02 – Bagage à main
TALE03 – Sizzling in the sun
TALE04 – Three past two
TALE05 – Radio noise
TALE06 – Deux français dans la salle
TALE07 – Un français sur la bande
TALE08 – Water dream
TALE09 – Les prophètes de la fin du monde
TALE10 – Désaccord
TALE11 – Bullous meditation
TALE12 – Tribal joke
TALE13 – Très haut dans le ciel
TALE14 – Une impression de sens
TALE15 – Le décès d’une assistante sociale
TALE16 – Fourth world

JNN085 Ayato & Anton Mobin zip file including art
Runtime: 37:55

JNN084 AKU – Senja Ini di Tangga Keramik

7 04 2010

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Of all the remarkable releases from all over the globe this certainly stole my heart with its most weird and live recorded tracks that meander somewhere between the sound of The Orb, Merzbow and Zappa. A remarkable trio indeed to make its appearance in an album notice. AKU is a group of artists that got together in the Smooth Studio in Bandang, Indonesia in Januari 2010.
One not often hears music from this island group, but there is most definately a lively experimental scene happening there. Let AKU be your guide into the world of outrageous but most intriguing soundry.

AKU are : Mboth, Sagat, Kutuk, Septi, Abo, Uya, Fathan


01 – Pengutil dan Kasir
02 – Mari mencintai
04 – ZAS Bubuk
05 – Octoseptic
06 – Buah science adalah Leluhur dari Akar Budaya Cinta

JNN084 AKU zipfile including art
Runtime: 48.15

JNN074 10KoneKt – Winx

7 02 2010

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Cut in live session recorded in 2009.
all tracks only made with circuit bent toys.

good listen.

01 – Winx 01
01 – Winx 02
01 – Winx 03
01 – Winx 04
01 – Winx 05

JNN077 zipfile including art
runtime: 27.17

review this release @ earlabs