8 07 2019

Who’da thought.

JNN has not left the building.

though it’d keep quiet for a little more yet.

this post, just to get my kvr profile back…



Availability of JNN releases

22 01 2012

A notification from this end to share with you that the server/account which held all the releases downloadable will be going on black shortly. It is at this moment not affordable to keep this server up and running when there are plenty of different ways to download and hear all these grand releases.
They will never be taken down (unless ofcourse an artist requests so)

This does not mean JNN will seize to exist, if only it will live on in our minds, but knowing me and my love for music it may all come back with a huge rumble.
If you still wish to download from our own server do so now as soon the links will become non=working.

Thank you for listening to great music!

We’ll be back.

Mark Stolk


IMC03 Various artists – Dead voices White noise

7 06 2011 page

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings.”

The act of capturing EVP activity to support paranormal research is a source of much contention between skeptics and believers. Dead Voices; White Noise disregards the arguments and goes straight to the heart of the matter – the recordings. Tracks for this compilation were created using EVP recordings, either as samples to complement a composition, or manipulated to become the basis of the composition itself. A brief, but haunting, exposition of dark ambient and noise, inspired by notions of the supernatural.

The intelligent Machinery crew seek to explore this in this brand new compilation album.
Which also for the time being is regarded as possibly the last album release on JNN for some time to come.
But then again; it might just be mere ghosts that hauntingly whisper such nonsensical news.

IMC03 zipfile including artwork
or go to the page and hear the EVP!

JNN126 Cagey House – Gnomic

7 05 2011 page
SonicSquirrel page one day maybe?

Have you ever been in contact with the music of the Cagey House?
Cagey House is Baltimore’s Dave Keifer. Producing primarily instrumental music, since 1999, and he also experiments with sound collage. If you frequent netlabels such as this one, then undoubtedly you have been in touch with the music of this collaging meister. His work has been described as “synth-post-pop-punk-psyche-hypno-exotica.”

For as long as I can remember I have seen his releases from various corners around the globe and from a variety of netlabels too.
And all I have heard had stolen my ears and musical heart on the spot. There is a certain playfulness about the sounds and to me the tracks oft are more visualities rather they are just tonal plays. Dave Kiefer would want to welcome you into his realm of fun and we at Just not Normal think you may just enjoy your stay so much that you will want to seek out more from Dave. By all means go an find!
You may need to as this delight right here will only satisfy your needs for about 20+ minutes. But it will in grandeur!

Check the link to hear the music online
(we are still seeking for new ways as the personal server is letting me down in sharing mp3’s and SonicSquirel seems to be too full; ah well)

There still is the: zipfile including the artwork 😉

JNN123 Jóse Maria Pastor Sanchez -El arte de la medida histriónica

7 04 2011 page
SonicSquirrel page

My initial apologees first of all should go out to the patient Jóse who had to wait a rather long period before today’s release. Sorry sir, but timing was a bit awkward with JNN dwindling down in its initial pause.
His and for certain your luck, is that now with NTNS dwindling down in its initial pause there is time and lust again to get back and release some gems your ears will certainly appreciate.

There is very little I can tell you about the artist, all I can share are the sounds that are a near absurd mixture of spoken word, field recordings, deep dark rumblings and acoustic sounds. One things I should say though; I’m loving this!

Well ok, the artist did leave some words, be them Portugese or Spanish (I cannot tell them apart):

“Los actos son irreversibles y las reacciones incontrolables. Lo mejor no actuar y no recciona”

01 – El cati
02 – 32 sonidos y 30 palabras para la Manzanita
03 – Zacarias Torme
04 – Mirta Nair
05 – 72 de 3
06 – Loreley

JNN123 zipfile including artwork

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to get direct links to the mp3’s
If you want to listen, check out the of SonicSquirrel links at the top

JNN124 Luis Antero – Water recordings III

22 03 2011 page
SonicSquirrel page

Today March 22nd 2011 is World Water day. By special request from Luis release of his latest field recordings album is on this special day.

For those familiar with the works from Luis, a portugese sound enthusiast, know that his recordings are of very high quality and always very pure in its essence and so is this release. Pure water, so pure it makes the listener thirsty.
Locations where these recordings are from: Local das Gravacoes; Sobral de S. Miguel (Covilha); Agroal (Pomares, Arganil): Mangualde da Serra (Gouveia) – Portugal.

Sit back and enjoy the 37 minutes of trickle treats.

JNN 124 zipfile including artwork
(go to the Sonicsquirrel or Archive page to listen to the release.

World water day March 22nd

16 03 2011

It has been quiet here a bit, and truthfully I both enjoyed the break from things but missed it as well.

From a favor of Luis Antero asked we should raise your awareness towards March 22nd.
World water day

Why you may ask?
Well JNN will on that day be releasing:

JNN124 Luis Antero – Water recordings III

So now that we have your attention, do come back here next week!

Splish splash

We miss you too

11 02 2011

For the sharp observer out there.

It’s true, February 7th passed without a new release.
And alas. 2011 will be a much quieter year then the previous ones.
Call us dorment, call us dead, we are still around. But at an inconveniently slow pace.
All has to do with the issue of time, of which I have too little.
The radio will keep at its regular pace though so remember to check new music there.
Every week!!!

NTNS radio

You are never forgotten!

JNN122 Philippe Faujas – Deriva Sonora

7 01 2011 page
SonicSquirrel page

Joining the ranks of avid Field Recordists is Philippe Faujas from Spain. Making Just not Normal not per say a field recordings netlabel, but since I personally am a big fan of field recordings and feel they go extremely well amidst experimental music Philippe is very much welcomed to the world of JNN. Follow his link to an even bigger world of recorded sounds, but let this release be your guide into the world of this fine French artist living in Spain. He won my heart with his great sounds and I know you’ll love it too.

Photograph is by Jacqueline Heeley –


01 – Deriva Sonora

JNN122 zipfile including artwork

JNN121 Jack Hertz – Black Sunday

7 01 2011 page
SonicSquirrel page

As oft throughout the year feasts on special occassions with a team of performers galore. And so they did on Halloween, be it a day later though, sunday october 31st. One of the sets of that evening was from Jack Hertz.
And I’ve been listening to it now for the last hour. There is but one thing missing in all this; images.
Then again, all you need to do is put this on your player and for a full hour you’ll find yourself in a haunted story. One that happened on a black sunday! Jack features his quisp quake and tells a tale of horror.


Quisp Quake Black Sunday

JNN121 zipfile including artwork