8 07 2019

Who’da thought.

JNN has not left the building.

though it’d keep quiet for a little more yet.

this post, just to get my kvr profile back…



JNN063 Fosel – Minds and Machines

7 11 2009 page
Sonicsquirrel page

minds and machines. this is existential combat. to make order where nothing but the faint line of the possible wrinkled perception. the process is as follows — tracks like stabs of meat and protein put down with a midi controller or randomly devised by generative software and flung into ableton live. this is where the fun begins. switching in and out and out and in with soft synths until a netherworld forms like a radio transmission twenty kilometers below the surface in some fantastic and yet impossible cave. flourishings then added with various effects, oscillators, noise makers, static generators, and einstein’s stratavarious. mastered. packaged. archived. and sent with love.



JNN063 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 51.58

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