JNN123 Jóse Maria Pastor Sanchez -El arte de la medida histriónica

7 04 2011

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My initial apologees first of all should go out to the patient Jóse who had to wait a rather long period before today’s release. Sorry sir, but timing was a bit awkward with JNN dwindling down in its initial pause.
His and for certain your luck, is that now with NTNS dwindling down in its initial pause there is time and lust again to get back and release some gems your ears will certainly appreciate.

There is very little I can tell you about the artist, all I can share are the sounds that are a near absurd mixture of spoken word, field recordings, deep dark rumblings and acoustic sounds. One things I should say though; I’m loving this!

Well ok, the artist did leave some words, be them Portugese or Spanish (I cannot tell them apart):

“Los actos son irreversibles y las reacciones incontrolables. Lo mejor no actuar y no recciona”

01 – El cati
02 – 32 sonidos y 30 palabras para la Manzanita
03 – Zacarias Torme
04 – Mirta Nair
05 – 72 de 3
06 – Loreley

JNN123 zipfile including artwork

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to get direct links to the mp3’s
If you want to listen, check out the archive.org of SonicSquirrel links at the top


JNN124 Luis Antero – Water recordings III

22 03 2011

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Today March 22nd 2011 is World Water day. By special request from Luis release of his latest field recordings album is on this special day.

For those familiar with the works from Luis, a portugese sound enthusiast, know that his recordings are of very high quality and always very pure in its essence and so is this release. Pure water, so pure it makes the listener thirsty.
Locations where these recordings are from: Local das Gravacoes; Sobral de S. Miguel (Covilha); Agroal (Pomares, Arganil): Mangualde da Serra (Gouveia) – Portugal.

Sit back and enjoy the 37 minutes of trickle treats.

JNN 124 zipfile including artwork
(go to the Sonicsquirrel or Archive page to listen to the release.

FMC12 usr/sbin – Twelfth month moon

27 12 2010

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There is a small regret to say this series now has come to an end with this final release.
Thank you dearly mr. Dennis Moser, aka usr/sbin, aka AldoManutio Abruzzo.
I never experienced the live concerts themselves as they were performed on Second Life, but judging by the content its indepth quality grew as the collection widened. 12 Full moon concert series are now captured in time. 2010 a document forever available.
And you the listener have one last album to complete your collection.
I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this and will for many years to come.

A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume twelve: Twelfth month moon

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on December 21st 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010


01 – Red, the eclipse rising over the snows
02 – Dance of the drifts
03 – Twelfth month moon
04 – Dreams and remembrances like snowflakes falling

FMC12 zipfile including artwork

JNN113 Krabatof – Sea of trees

7 12 2010

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How these mystical artists find their way into the realms of JNN is beyond me sometimes, but behold; this ‘Sea of trees’ will astound you. But before we talk of this album here, let’s share a previous review of ‘Insect’s Brain’ shared on Touching Extremes;

“a little more than 31 minutes of very interesting “bruit art” by Geneva-based Ludovic Guerry, who manipulates “noises, field recordings and many weird sounds” in seven personal definitions of a peculiar world of embryonic utterances and disembodied dreams about the inhospitality of life.”

While it baffles me to know who might be behind Krabatof, since I’ve read a few different names now I find myself lost in the sounds of the album you see in front of you now. The mysticism to me only ups the anté and I find myself caring less for the creator, but dwell only more the the creation. You should try it yourself too! If you too get lost, try the breadcrumbs option, but beware of the geese.


01 – Intro
02 – Jyukai
03 – Sea of trees
04 – Aokigahara
05 – Ki no umi

JNN113 zipfile including artwork

JNN112 Somnaphon – Sarasota

7 11 2010

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A large portion of this album was composed from ‘disturbances’ that were recorded while living in an active haunted house.
You may consider this your after Halloween treat, or just a plain immersive and fantastic album filled with darkness and just plain great tracks! What the maker probably don’t realize though is that 112 in the Netherlands is the equal to 911 in the US.
You may keep that number near while listening to this!

Created by A. Traeger
additional sounds on ‘lugal’ by Mere
additional sounds on ‘unial’ by Relvm


01 – Copal
02 – Aloha
03 – Lugal
04 – Vucub
05 – Ceiba
06 – Unial
07 – Wayeb

JNN112 zipfile including artwork

JNN111 Phillip Wilkerson – Particle

7 11 2010

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There was an interview the other day in which, if I remember correctly Phillip stated that he was going to concentrate less on the experimental free releases. Well since you are reading these words here you are clearly recognizing that the great Phillip Wilkerson has yet done it again. Right before your eyes is the latest experimental release from Phillip that can be regarded as a blessing for your wanton ears. If you’ve heard some of the previous JNN releases by Phillip I can but say, the man is taking it all a step further, another step deeper into the sounds and mechanics of these sounds. Particle is a treat and it should be welcomed to your harddrive with honor. Thank you Phillip for creating this and sharing it with the world through JNN.


01 – Particle Zwei
02 – Particle Drei
03 – Particle Vier
04 – Particle Sieben
05 – Particle Neun

JNN111 zipfile including artwork

JNN110 Khate – Therapy

7 11 2010

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What are you saying; you never heard of Khate before. What rock have you been living under?
One of the finer mistresses of the world of experimental electronics resurfaces with a brand new album!
After the longest absence from music making and as she claims ‘the crazies’ this fine fine artist returns and boy are we in for a treat. From one of our back and forth emails:

“But! I’m on the mend (or at least pretending to be). And one thing me & the ol’ therapist are working on is me being able to let go of artwork. Like, it’s never good enough, so it languishes in the hard drive/studio forever. I’ve got hours of material that have been building up over the past couple years that I just can’t let go of. Yet I’ve kept them around and worked on them over and over, so I must think they have some merit.

I wanna set some of these captive animals free, just grit my teeth and let them go. In my head, these are terrible tracks… but I can’t exactly hear someone argue otherwise unless I let them go, right?”

Let’s give Khate a warm welcome back and for now delve into this 17 track madness called Therapy, being Therapy.


01 – Spawn of Ingram
02 – High plains
03 – Let’s fuck
04 – Moon
05 – An unfortunate relapse
06 – Ymas
07 – Mad weather
08 – Working title
09 – Labyrinth
10 – Summers fly by
11 – Tape
12 – Pizzano+
13 – The cold
14 – 755
15 – Stew
16 – Syrup
17 – Vesani (march)

JNN110 zipfile including artwork

JNN109 Muied Lumens – Start Point

7 11 2010

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For as long as I can remember Rob Solheim aka Muied Lumens has been an active participant in the solstice marathons over at Electro Music. Still for some reason it has taken up untill now for Rob to release his first ever full featured album. And boy are we proud at JNN to be the host of this very first sublime album.
As Rob states in one of his emails to me: “It has kick started something that I have been missing for a while – which is to make composed stuff instead of just playing live material. I will continue doing more tracks as and when I have time”.
The world of CC music has just gained a new fantastic artist in its mids.


01 – Moonrise at Start point
02 – Alienative
03 – Antidistance recalculator

JNN109 zipfile including artwork

JNN103 A Maïzing session with … Mystahr, Ian Linter & Anton Mobin

7 09 2010

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A Maïzing session with…

Project: Created in May 2009, “ A Maïzing session with…” is dedicated to live improvised
music and organised at the Maïzing Studio in Paris, by Anton Mobin.
The programmation is established according the meeting and the artist who come in tour
in Paris.
For the first saison (May 2009-May 2010), “ A Maïzing session with…” was 13 radio shows
with 22 european artists.

Date: July 21th, 2010
Artists: Mystahr – Ian Linter – Anton Mobin

For the passage of Mystahr in Paris, Ian Linter and Anton Mobin decide to join their forces
to organize several sonic events to celebrate this occasion.
Each artists are in contact on the web since a long time, but never have the opportunity to
meet together.
That’s done on July 21th, 2010 at the Maïzing Studio in Paris, where these three friends
set up their complete gear to a special two hours radio show !

The Maïzing session was divided in two different parts:
First, each artist present a solo set around twenty minutes, which is the better solution for
everyone to discover the sound of each other.
Then, all three join for the real Maïzing session of 40 minutes, during this one three sound
universe collapse in a singular one.

After the session, Mystahr and Ian Linter, both owner of a fantastic netlabel, decide to
release the two different parts in an identificable netrelease: Three solos on OFF/BRUMA
and the collective improv’ on Just Not Normal.

JNN103 – A Maïzing session with…
OFFB015 – Three solos

Please, visit the both website which offer you to hear the whole journey !
> https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/
> http://astrangerparadise.com/offbruma/


A maïzing session with … Mystahr, Ian Linter & Anton Mobin
Runtime: 45.07

JNN103 zipfile including artwork

FMC08 usr/sbin – Chandras’ekhara

7 09 2010

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The last full moon of summer and we are two thirds of the way into a year of full moon concert series. Another single track that comes close to the hour mark. Dennis Moser certainly treats us with the splendor of his musical talent. Besides the usual guitar and bassguitar improvs on this occasion Dennis introduces the wonderful sounds of the sitar (or dulcimer).
It will certainly be a happy and sad day simultaneously when the goal set is reached and a full year will be catalogued and preserved forever as a fine fine document of fine musicianship. But that day is not near yet; untill then let us take the time to enjoy these gems.

A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume eight: Chandras’ekhara: “Having the moon as his crest

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on August 24th 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010

Next Live show: September 23rd


1 – Siva sits, contemplating the last full moon of Summer, considering the Raga Takka
Runtime: 54.50

FMC08 zipfile including artwork