JNN124 Luis Antero – Water recordings III

22 03 2011

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Today March 22nd 2011 is World Water day. By special request from Luis release of his latest field recordings album is on this special day.

For those familiar with the works from Luis, a portugese sound enthusiast, know that his recordings are of very high quality and always very pure in its essence and so is this release. Pure water, so pure it makes the listener thirsty.
Locations where these recordings are from: Local das Gravacoes; Sobral de S. Miguel (Covilha); Agroal (Pomares, Arganil): Mangualde da Serra (Gouveia) – Portugal.

Sit back and enjoy the 37 minutes of trickle treats.

JNN 124 zipfile including artwork
(go to the Sonicsquirrel or Archive page to listen to the release.

JNN095 Luis Antero – Website Story (2010)

7 07 2010

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The fervent listener of the weekly NTNS radioshow knows. I have a soft spot for field recordings. It just cannot be too pure to please my listeners ears. I find that it sooths and calms and takes me to a different place; one that allows the imagination to kick in and take a short holiday.
Just not Normal now has its own first pure fieldrecordings album added to the roster. The amazing Luis Antero from Portugal has a special story to share; his website story. Be sure to check out the zipfile which contains awesome images from the various locations.

This recording consists of released and unreleased field recordings from Portugal.
Locations: Portugal (Alvoco das Várzeas, Sabugueiro, Gramaços, Galizes, Folgosinho, Casais de Folgosinho, Várzea de Meruge, Oliveira do Hospital, Parente, Sandomil, Lajeosa, Nogueirinha, Meruge, Lisboa e Coimbra)
Equipment: Digital Recorder Zoom H4 + Headphones
Sennheiser HD 202

01. Pastagens Sonoras (00:00-13:25)
02. Water Music (13:23-25:15)
03. City Noise (28:47-37:05)
all recordings between 2008 and 2010


01 – Website Story (2010)

JNN095 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 37.05