Availability of JNN releases

22 01 2012

A notification from this end to share with you that the server/account which held all the releases downloadable will be going on black shortly. It is at this moment not affordable to keep this server up and running when there are plenty of different ways to download and hear all these grand releases.
They will never be taken down (unless ofcourse an artist requests so)

This does not mean JNN will seize to exist, if only it will live on in our minds, but knowing me and my love for music it may all come back with a huge rumble.
If you still wish to download from our own server do so now as soon the links will become non=working.

Thank you for listening to great music!

We’ll be back.

Mark Stolk


World water day March 22nd

16 03 2011

It has been quiet here a bit, and truthfully I both enjoyed the break from things but missed it as well.

From a favor of Luis Antero asked we should raise your awareness towards March 22nd.
World water day

Why you may ask?
Well JNN will on that day be releasing:

JNN124 Luis Antero – Water recordings III

So now that we have your attention, do come back here next week!

Splish splash

We miss you too

11 02 2011

For the sharp observer out there.

It’s true, February 7th passed without a new release.
And alas. 2011 will be a much quieter year then the previous ones.
Call us dorment, call us dead, we are still around. But at an inconveniently slow pace.
All has to do with the issue of time, of which I have too little.
The radio will keep at its regular pace though so remember to check new music there.
Every week!!!

NTNS radio

You are never forgotten!


22 12 2010

Amazingly Just not Normal has reached 50.000 views.
And yes; they are unique and only generated by visitors
That is you!

So thank you for supporting Just not Normal

Top 9 JNN albums on NTNS radio – Christmas morning

6 12 2010

Hello all,

Now is your chance to add your two cents on what you think are the best albums released on Just not Normal in 2010.
On December 25th 8 AM local time (GMT + 1) NTNS radio will be airing the top 9 from 2010.

So give us your thoughts on what are the best of 2010!

The floor is yours!

Up and coming…

2 12 2010

To be released December 7th

JNN113 – Krabatof – Sea of trees
JNN114 – Shane Morris – Train.to.Knowhere (double release)
JNN115 – Altocumulus – Household apocalypse
JNN116 – Daniel Barbiero – Monuments Seen through Peripheral Vision
JNN118 – Anton Mobin meets Buben – On the Different Side of the Objects – New Experimental Vision

FMC11 usr/sbin – Full moon concert series

Get ready for the new spree!

JNN100 No-R-mal II (call for submissions)

25 04 2010

As of today the doors are opening up once again for submissions for the 2nd epic compilation album of Just not Normal.
Our 100th release will be in the same vein as JNN050 and aiming for 50+ tracks. The added bonus for this release however will be that from all submitted tracks a 100 sec clip will be cut which will become part of a quilted megamix.

So what is expected from you the artist:

– Preferably enter an unreleased track, though old is ok.
– Try and keep it under 10 minutes, minimal lenght 100 seconds.
– It is prefered that you enter a wav or aiff file
(if necessary slight mastering will be done)
– Style: anything goes, if you frequent JNN you know what is expected.
– This will be a creative commons licensed album!

To enter:
Try yousendit or any other upload-tool to share your file
Mail the content/link to: jnotnormal@gmail.com
Deadline: July 1st
Release-date: August 7th

If you are unaware of No-R-mal the first edition, check out JNN050 No-R-mal

Now get your (g)ear on!!!