JNN121 Jack Hertz – Black Sunday

7 01 2011

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As oft throughout the year electro-music.com feasts on special occassions with a team of performers galore. And so they did on Halloween, be it a day later though, sunday october 31st. One of the sets of that evening was from Jack Hertz.
And I’ve been listening to it now for the last hour. There is but one thing missing in all this; images.
Then again, all you need to do is put this on your player and for a full hour you’ll find yourself in a haunted story. One that happened on a black sunday! Jack features his quisp quake and tells a tale of horror.


Quisp Quake Black Sunday

JNN121 zipfile including artwork


FMC12 usr/sbin – Twelfth month moon

27 12 2010

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There is a small regret to say this series now has come to an end with this final release.
Thank you dearly mr. Dennis Moser, aka usr/sbin, aka AldoManutio Abruzzo.
I never experienced the live concerts themselves as they were performed on Second Life, but judging by the content its indepth quality grew as the collection widened. 12 Full moon concert series are now captured in time. 2010 a document forever available.
And you the listener have one last album to complete your collection.
I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this and will for many years to come.

A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume twelve: Twelfth month moon

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on December 21st 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010


01 – Red, the eclipse rising over the snows
02 – Dance of the drifts
03 – Twelfth month moon
04 – Dreams and remembrances like snowflakes falling

FMC12 zipfile including artwork

JNN118 Buben vs Anton Mobin – On the different side of the object

7 12 2010

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Vladislav Buben, well known under the name Buben, is a sound artist and an imminent pioneer of the underground scene in Bielorussia.
The connexion between Buben and Anton Mobin was established by Rinus van Alebeek, a few months ago, when Rinus asks Anton a technical help to digitalize sounds from a tape which be used by Buben to compose the great album released on Clinical Archives : Moral Tranformations (ca377) > http://www.archive.org/details/ca377_bra

After this technical support, Buben naturally asks Anton if he have some sounds to send him to start a new collaboration.
Of course, Anton Mobin had sounds and he is always interested in new connexion and web collaboration. Sharing sounds with Buben was very spontaneous; Anton picked up in his sound bank many different textures, like extracts from Live improvisation, radio fragments, Field recordings and every day life moments.

Then, Vladislav Buben was alone to compose, assembly, edit and mix all the materials. The real and unique composer still being Buben in this release !

Listeners must know that nothing in Creation is a easy thing and to complicate the story, the first version of this collaboration was killed by Buben’s laptop, which its hard disk burned !!

The revenge was terrible ! And it’s not one album, but TWO that Buben realized in a total different aesthetic !!
One influenced “darkbeat” and the second more “experimental”…

Thanks to Just Not Normal and Off/Bruma, the two releases are OUT simultaneously on December 7th, 2010 !
Please visit the both websites, to have a complete vision on the project called:
” On the Different Side of the Objects ”

> http://astrangerparadise.com/offbruma/
> https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/


01 Ping
03 Help desk
04 Go brain shop
05 BOFh
06 WRU

JNN118 zipfile including artwork

JNN109 Muied Lumens – Start Point

7 11 2010

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For as long as I can remember Rob Solheim aka Muied Lumens has been an active participant in the solstice marathons over at Electro Music. Still for some reason it has taken up untill now for Rob to release his first ever full featured album. And boy are we proud at JNN to be the host of this very first sublime album.
As Rob states in one of his emails to me: “It has kick started something that I have been missing for a while – which is to make composed stuff instead of just playing live material. I will continue doing more tracks as and when I have time”.
The world of CC music has just gained a new fantastic artist in its mids.


01 – Moonrise at Start point
02 – Alienative
03 – Antidistance recalculator

JNN109 zipfile including artwork

JNN106 Szentpétery Csaba – Conclusion

7 10 2010

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It was somewhere in 2009 that through NTNS radio I first heard of this Hungarian artist. I had played an album from him that was released on Amduscias Records and I loved that to bits. The silence after that settled in untill early August Szentpétery contacted me and asked me if I was interested in releasing his latest album. Without hearing even a single tone I welcomed him onboard and new that I would be proud of this fine fine release.
And so it did turn out to be; this 12 track album that floats on soft noise, dark ambience but most of all a great atmosphere of abstract experimentalism. Today is the day that you get to hear from this artist. Put up your feet and relax to the hypnotizing works from Szentpétery, your chance is now!


01 Overture atmosphere
02 Horsefly
03 The visitors
04 The visitors Pt 2
05 The visitors Pt 3
06 Dark swarm
07 For we are many
08 Escape
09 Exit
10 2’30’19’20
11 Datapile
12 Conclusion

JNN106 zipfile including art

JNN102 Litmus0001 – Hikikomori

7 09 2010

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Another first timer on Just not Normal we are proud to present is Jonathan Ewald from Madison Wisconsin US better known under his artistname Litmus0001. There may not be as many releases to his name but those that are are sublime. Tending more towards the ambient rather then the experimental these three tracks have specifically been chosen to feature on Just not Normal. During 2009 Jonathan presented a podcast/mix show on the Notheen radiostation called ‘Psychosonic aether’ which ran for 21 episodes. All his releases are free releases and he is a fervent appreciator and supporter of the creative commons world.

Improvised and recorded in a single take on March 7th, 2010 at Worthless Research Laboratories in Madison, WI.
6 string bass; electric guitar; percussion; AM radio; effects; loops and delays

01 – hikikomori 1st movement
02 – hikikomori 2nd movement
03 – hikikomori 3rd movement
Runtime: 1’09.50

JNN102 zipfile including artwork

JNN101 Carlos Suarez – Ars Poetica

7 09 2010

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With the utmost honor Just not Normal presents the fantastic music of the Spanish Carlos Suarez. Exporing the poetry of Artaud, this masterpiece was originally intended as a physical CD release, but as Carlos said; he is more interested in exploring new sounds rather then setting out to find a label to be published. We could not have been more proud to have him sign on for this grand release. Darkness has set and settles in your ears!

About the poet/poem: (only in Spanish)

2.- Vulgus veritatis pessimus interpres (Artaud).

En 1948 Artaud muere en el asilo de Ivry-sur-Seine después haber sido sometido durante años a tratamientos de electroshock e insulinoterapia. Paradójicamente es en estos años cuando escribe sus textos más lúcidos. En uno de sus poemas “Alineación y magia negra” explica como estas agresiones de la psiquiatría afectaron su existencia. Sin embargo, más allá de una crítica a los métodos terapéuticos de su tiempo, Artaud hace un hermético análisis de la sociedad burguesa, y expresa veladamente que esta agresiones eran en realidad un intento por: “vaciar al hombre de su yo, y de esta forma mostrarlo vacío, extraordinariamente vacío y disponible”. Explica que para la sociedad burguesa aquel que no este vacío y disponible a la voluntad del poder entonces en un enfermo mental que debe ser reducido o marginado.
A pesar de todo, Artaud supo escapar por momentos de los limbos del electroshock para explicarnos que su aparente locura: “ha dado siempre mejores indicios sobre la plétora de mi poder que las creencias pequeño burguesas de que: BASTA LA SALUD” Los representantes del sistema que diagnosticaron la supuesta locura de Artaud, basaron sus juicios en los atavismos de una sociedad que en realidad estaba muy lejos de la cordura.
Esta pieza es una dramatización sonora del texto “alienation e magie noire” leído por el propio Artaud en 1946. La composición intenta a través del discurso sonoro amplificar los significados del texto, su extática espiritualidad y la indoblegable lucidez de sus metáforas.

“Frente a todo esto, ¿qué resta del viejo Artaud? algunas notas, aquellas del obrero de pozos que trepa sin sol, hacia las afueras de la bóveda redonda, peldaño a peldaño por la escalera del tiempo gangrenado por la eternidad. Helas aquí a través de un cierto pasado.” A Artaud


1 – Pessimus interpres (interludio)
2 – Vulgus veritatis pessimus interpres (Artaud)
3 – Ubi est mor (Interludio)
4 – Ubi est mor victoria tua (Borges)
Runtime: 22.50

JNN101 zipfile including artwork