JNN010 – Controlled Dissonance – [sic]

7 09 2008

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[sic], the latest endeavor of soft noise/dark ambient blowhard, Controlled
Dissonance, is an expression of minimalistic composition. Stripping down
to the bare bones, Controlled Dissonance culled the sounds for this
release exclusively from field recordings and found material on
microcassette. These recordings were manipulated with a transcription
device, a handful of effects pedals and a small arsenal of digital
effects. The resulting tracks both belie the humble origin of their
source recordings, and elevate even the commonplace sounds of the world
around us to new realms of ambience.

Tape Track 1
Tape Track 2
Tape Track 3

Controlled Dissonance – [sic] zip-file
All tracks vbr kbs. Run time: 32,10 minutes

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