JNN118 Buben vs Anton Mobin – On the different side of the object

7 12 2010

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Vladislav Buben, well known under the name Buben, is a sound artist and an imminent pioneer of the underground scene in Bielorussia.
The connexion between Buben and Anton Mobin was established by Rinus van Alebeek, a few months ago, when Rinus asks Anton a technical help to digitalize sounds from a tape which be used by Buben to compose the great album released on Clinical Archives : Moral Tranformations (ca377) > http://www.archive.org/details/ca377_bra

After this technical support, Buben naturally asks Anton if he have some sounds to send him to start a new collaboration.
Of course, Anton Mobin had sounds and he is always interested in new connexion and web collaboration. Sharing sounds with Buben was very spontaneous; Anton picked up in his sound bank many different textures, like extracts from Live improvisation, radio fragments, Field recordings and every day life moments.

Then, Vladislav Buben was alone to compose, assembly, edit and mix all the materials. The real and unique composer still being Buben in this release !

Listeners must know that nothing in Creation is a easy thing and to complicate the story, the first version of this collaboration was killed by Buben’s laptop, which its hard disk burned !!

The revenge was terrible ! And it’s not one album, but TWO that Buben realized in a total different aesthetic !!
One influenced “darkbeat” and the second more “experimental”…

Thanks to Just Not Normal and Off/Bruma, the two releases are OUT simultaneously on December 7th, 2010 !
Please visit the both websites, to have a complete vision on the project called:
” On the Different Side of the Objects ”

> http://astrangerparadise.com/offbruma/
> https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/


01 Ping
03 Help desk
04 Go brain shop
05 BOFh
06 WRU

JNN118 zipfile including artwork

JNN112 Somnaphon – Sarasota

7 11 2010

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A large portion of this album was composed from ‘disturbances’ that were recorded while living in an active haunted house.
You may consider this your after Halloween treat, or just a plain immersive and fantastic album filled with darkness and just plain great tracks! What the maker probably don’t realize though is that 112 in the Netherlands is the equal to 911 in the US.
You may keep that number near while listening to this!

Created by A. Traeger
additional sounds on ‘lugal’ by Mere
additional sounds on ‘unial’ by Relvm


01 – Copal
02 – Aloha
03 – Lugal
04 – Vucub
05 – Ceiba
06 – Unial
07 – Wayeb

JNN112 zipfile including artwork

JNN110 Khate – Therapy

7 11 2010

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What are you saying; you never heard of Khate before. What rock have you been living under?
One of the finer mistresses of the world of experimental electronics resurfaces with a brand new album!
After the longest absence from music making and as she claims ‘the crazies’ this fine fine artist returns and boy are we in for a treat. From one of our back and forth emails:

“But! I’m on the mend (or at least pretending to be). And one thing me & the ol’ therapist are working on is me being able to let go of artwork. Like, it’s never good enough, so it languishes in the hard drive/studio forever. I’ve got hours of material that have been building up over the past couple years that I just can’t let go of. Yet I’ve kept them around and worked on them over and over, so I must think they have some merit.

I wanna set some of these captive animals free, just grit my teeth and let them go. In my head, these are terrible tracks… but I can’t exactly hear someone argue otherwise unless I let them go, right?”

Let’s give Khate a warm welcome back and for now delve into this 17 track madness called Therapy, being Therapy.


01 – Spawn of Ingram
02 – High plains
03 – Let’s fuck
04 – Moon
05 – An unfortunate relapse
06 – Ymas
07 – Mad weather
08 – Working title
09 – Labyrinth
10 – Summers fly by
11 – Tape
12 – Pizzano+
13 – The cold
14 – 755
15 – Stew
16 – Syrup
17 – Vesani (march)

JNN110 zipfile including artwork

JNN098 Apocalyptic Frequency Experience – Musings on human metamorphoses

7 07 2010

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And in the darkness lives the mysterious. Or in other words what happens when an experimental artist from Mexico (Roberto Telles Garcia) gets head to head with a French mistress of the experimental soundage (Murielle Gallon) and complete the quartet of brotherhoods with Kalavazombie on synth and programers and Simio Autodidacta for pics and art.
Their assignment: Express in sound the musings on human metamorphoses.
For certain they have reached their degree in deep dark experimentations and surprising sounds dithered with hidden messages.
It is dark, it is brooding, it is Apocalyptic!

Image by Kristina Gentvainytė


01 – The pentagram
02 – Musings on human metamorphoses
03 – Un coup de Ds jamais nabolira le hasard
04 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 2
05 – A horror of empty spaces
06 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 3
07 – Preludio a la siesta de un fauno
08 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 4
09 – A horror of empty spaces Part 2
10 – A horror of empty spaces Part 3

JNN098 zipfile including art
Runtime: 20.23

JNN094 Planetaldol – Ballad for knacker (Live in Berlin)

7 06 2010

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Recorded live at the Canibal Canniche festival, held in Berlin May 2nd 2010
Mastered by Final Cut

Are you prepared to take on a journey of live and improv’ed experimentalism. Are you willing to open your ears and mind for the unusual that took place live on stage. This French artist has before released a few albums on the Belgium Entity netlabel of which my first encounter was with the ‘2 humans in a cage with their everything box’. An intriguing title don’t you think?
Well that was exactly what lured me into a peak listen and an immediate play choice for NTNS radio. Now two years later they are back as Planetaldol and of one thing you can be certain. Your mind will be taken on quite the fantastic voyage.


Ballad for knacker

JNN094 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 38.11 minutes

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JNN076 Aide Auditive – Otcaonah

7 02 2010

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An album of delightful animative sound sculptures that will take you on a journey. Expect the unexpected in this electronic improvised experimentalism coming from a French studio.

Aide Auditive – Electronic Improvisation

Matohawk & Mysth-R
Laptop & Modular PD Patch

01 – Ootmo
02 – Tetib
03 – Cihu
04 – Acad
05 – Ajad
06 – Ommmm
07 – Oj
08 – Neqfeb
09 – Ajal
10 – Hewewobok

JNN076 zipfile including art
Runtime: 35.09

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JNN036 These Ears – Ex Prince MT.

7 04 2009

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Selected tracks from a
large volume of work, by james douglas,
compiled by a sense of communication from
the sounds inbetween the sounds.
a series of compositions containing
several styles of sound arrangement
& experimentation with made sounds,
found sounds, & general noise making
aleotoric freak out sessions.

experiment with your listening techniques…
listen to it with headphones, with earplugs,
while driving, while fucking,
listen to it with your friend,
& your black friend.
go all out.

thanks to those who helped me
fill up jars of sound to paint with.

arrangements/compositions by james douglas
all sounds used: recorded by james douglas
album photo by james douglas

01 – Dreamstache
02 – Existence construction
03 – Action summons stares
04 – Just give me a minute
05 – Bathroom floor bassinet
06 – Dads truck
07 – God in the corner
08 – Nervous tick
09 – Devils pigtails
10 – Going gone
11 – Sour bubble gum
12 – Ahwemewah busride
13 – Chewing dreams
14 – Slavecave
15 – UHM
16 – Auto-pilot
17 Grandmaw visit
18 – Beat shit

Ex Prince MT. zip-file
All tracks 192 kbs. Runtime: 50.47 min

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JNN010 – Controlled Dissonance – [sic]

7 09 2008

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[sic], the latest endeavor of soft noise/dark ambient blowhard, Controlled
Dissonance, is an expression of minimalistic composition. Stripping down
to the bare bones, Controlled Dissonance culled the sounds for this
release exclusively from field recordings and found material on
microcassette. These recordings were manipulated with a transcription
device, a handful of effects pedals and a small arsenal of digital
effects. The resulting tracks both belie the humble origin of their
source recordings, and elevate even the commonplace sounds of the world
around us to new realms of ambience.

Tape Track 1
Tape Track 2
Tape Track 3

Controlled Dissonance – [sic] zip-file
All tracks vbr kbs. Run time: 32,10 minutes

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