JNN082 Achnn – Les draps et la plinthe

7 04 2010

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The illustrous French duo aka Fred and Anne or better known as Achnn return once again to Just not Normal with a full fledged album. Seven tracks that immediately gnaw at the core of your brain with a lot of recognizable acoustic sounds but treated and placed in such a way that soon you’d imagine yourself in a Lynch world of excitement and tension. One might at times even think to hear the great electronic experimentalists from the 50’s and 60’s in these pieces, making this album a timeless work. Just not normal is proud to host Achnn and Les draps et la plinthe. This is a must see movie….

01 – Le mourmon sansytifical
02 – Sur le mode de ta phalange des appointee
03 – Tontem
04 – Flipper
05 – Essuivies
06 – Rateau
07 – Messe molassonne

JNN082 Achnn zipfile including art
Runtime: 45.59

JNN031 Achnn – Passagers

7 03 2009

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“Through the station with workers clothes, through the travellers, imitate their gesture and their machines, breaking machines, conquest the quays of the railway station and then adorate OUR key figure, did you hear the sea?

key figure: IsawaaaaHAAaaaaaa”

01 les passagers

JNN031 Achnn zip-file
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 39’24 minutes

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