JNN113 Krabatof – Sea of trees

7 12 2010

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How these mystical artists find their way into the realms of JNN is beyond me sometimes, but behold; this ‘Sea of trees’ will astound you. But before we talk of this album here, let’s share a previous review of ‘Insect’s Brain’ shared on Touching Extremes;

“a little more than 31 minutes of very interesting “bruit art” by Geneva-based Ludovic Guerry, who manipulates “noises, field recordings and many weird sounds” in seven personal definitions of a peculiar world of embryonic utterances and disembodied dreams about the inhospitality of life.”

While it baffles me to know who might be behind Krabatof, since I’ve read a few different names now I find myself lost in the sounds of the album you see in front of you now. The mysticism to me only ups the anté and I find myself caring less for the creator, but dwell only more the the creation. You should try it yourself too! If you too get lost, try the breadcrumbs option, but beware of the geese.


01 – Intro
02 – Jyukai
03 – Sea of trees
04 – Aokigahara
05 – Ki no umi

JNN113 zipfile including artwork


JNN100 various artists – no-r-mal II

7 08 2010

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At long last it is finaly here; the successor of no-r-mal the first edition. Almost a year later down the line, but highly improved and filled with more goodies. Started on April 25th I would never have thought that this would grow as big as it did. Many bulkloads of work went into getting this compilation album out there, but it is out there now!
71 artists, 71 tracks have turned into a 6 CD!!! compilation album making for over 7 hours of listening pleasure. Today I give this to the world so that you may enjoy the sounds of some of the worlds great netlabel artists that all work somewhere in the field of experimental music. Neatly organized into 6 different atmospheres: Warm voices, Dark places, Strange paces, Ca-dance, Art sounds and Outta here.

Take your own moment and meander through these tracks that have all been laboured with love!
All CD’s are burnable to fit on an audio CD.
You can download the singular tracks, the separate CD’s or for daredevils the full gigantic zip file.
(PS; artists links will be added at a later point)

CD 1 – Warm voices

01 Nigel SamwaysWindburn
02 Bob DickinsonRendition
03 usr/sbinVoices
04 Dave SeidelPenumbral
05 Bob OhrumNocturnality
06 Sceance NoireMJ
07 Terje PaulsenUntitled
08 Joe Frawley – The theory of Emily
09 Miquel Parera Jaquesnc Score
10 Massimo CroceApocrifo di Giacomo

CD1 zipfile including artwork (151 Mb)

CD2 – Dark places

01 James McDougalDirt in the wire
02 Cezary Gapik#0466
03 FoselSyntax of things
04 PalancarArroyo
05 C ReiderWill fall
06 Terra EngineInsomnia
07 Controlled DissonanceTrain
08 Kristus KutThe teethmark on your nipples
09 900PiesekPearls and lyzards
10 BatcheebaKiss the whip

CD2 zipfile including artwork (152 Mb)

CD3 – Strange paces

01 MegatonePure Land
02 TozzRoxOpslagboter
03 GurdonarkNormale stem
04 GabranMorning invocation
05 Emerald adriftExclusion zone
06 SubterminalBreathe
07 TyynyliinaAnd suddenly they had to run
08 VoderFutures
09 Shane Morris & Muied LumensAt the gates of the unknown
10 Ariu KaraRusty smoke
11 Andrass KissCatotelm
12 BotongDie sich bekehren lassen

CD3 zipfile including artwork (153 Mb)

CD4 – Ca-dance

01 AstrowindForest rain
02 Adamned.ageWachtraum
03 DedxoundNbi
04 MPHMFrostbite harpmix Mk 2.1
05 Joe McMahonLanding at cyclades macula
06 Kris CadwellJourney to the ants
07 MystifiedUnsync
08 DzlavContours
09 Kevin HallerBurnt collisions
10 Johann MerrichMato grosso Mourning glory
11 MeasuresDive in
12 Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtSoft power
13 My brother DanielFat bird

CD4 zipfile including artwork (153 Mb)

CD5 – Art sounds

01 Denis McCarty – Plays Saba taksim
02 Juan Antonio NietoIcarus
03 Luis AnteroAlvoco Soundscapes One
04 jfox – daveflop
05 Paulo ChagasEngorra
06 Philip WilkersonFour point two
07 Tensor Sensellation – Cryptococcus
08 DanadaxSchizoid
09 AyatoLibra’s turning control
10 MedmudBal impuls
11 AltocumulusFour days of rain

CD5 zipfile including artwork (154 Mb)

CD6 – Outta here

01 PS – ni100603
02 Jazznoize – Komintern No 1
03 Somnaphon – Eye Calypso
04 Candstandya – The long night
05 op.cit – Saturnalia
06 Rinus van Alebeek & Anton Mobin – Phonecall
07 Carlos Suarez – Vulgus veritatis pessimus interpres
08 Thanato Twist Olegs Sound Sys – Whimsical resurection dub
09 Given Willingly – Dedicated to a lost cause
10 The silence bureau – SBPore
11 Tubiliforme – Cedar
12 v4w.nko – Intergrses
13 Mudbug Noggins – Suck
14 Mystahr – Live at Rigoletto Paris (excerpt)
15 Mono Poly – Panzer

CD6 zipfile including artwork (153 Mb)

JNN100 the full zipfile including artwork (919 Mb)
JNN100 the artwork in one zipfile (14 Mb)

JNN072 Mister Vapor vs. Altus – Falling out of orbit

7 01 2010

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And if you think we’ve heard the best collaboration works yet, then let this one surprise your ears. Mister Vapor (aka the extremely prolific Mystified) joined up with Altus (one of the ambient great netlabelartists). Well fitting in some of the other ‘deep sea dives’ of this months JNN releases this album takes you deeper. Where the wonderful string-drones of Altus meet with the dark-drones of Mister Vapor this is a clash of experimentalism that cannot be missed. We are proud to host this for your ears.


01 – Sparse reaches
02 – Immense revolutions

JNN072 zipfile including artwork.
Runtime: 52.03 minutes

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JNN071 Anime Hill – Anime Hill

7 01 2010

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Yes, its true. This mighty fine album is not brand new; it has been released and available in the past on Jamendo. But all good things come to an end, and there where there are endings there are new beginnings.
Anime Hill has graciously offered his very first album for a release on Just not normal and we couldn’t be more proud of this dark ambientish but certainly gorgeous experimentalic album. Enjoy the rich sounds and deep churns if you have not before and hopefully somewhere in 2010 we’ll see more from this exciting artist.


01 – Filterbreather
02 – Lint eraser
03 – Dead premises
04 – Protein mash
05 – Sinuses rage
06 – Channeling fallacies

JNN071 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 51.42 minutes

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JNN054 Faustino Goyena – De Neatins

7 09 2009

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Faustino Goyena is the artistic denomination of both Nicolas L. Gago and his noise project, created in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005. It has released a number of LPs. and collaborative albums both independently and by European netlabels, being one of the most prolific noise artists in Argentina.

Goyena describes himself as a third-world noiser with a DIY musician attitude. As of 2009, a number of so-called “Guerrilla presentations” are being made, despite the absence of live performances in the early career. Goyena’s music is by principle always free to download.


01 – Welter Junior
02 – Tunuyan
03 – Nationalen Kronen
04 – Kombetare
05 – Eso duro Luis Garcia
06 – Adolph Pruitt boxejador
07 – Fetele ud
08 – Las Heras

JNN054 zip files incl. art
Runtime: 13’38

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JNN053 :retreat: – RTRT 001

7 09 2009

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After the projects : HALLER: (industrial) and: SINCLAIR: (ritual): RETREAT: is the third project of Ronny Jung from Leipzig, Germany.
It is the reduced project and yet deliberately omitted for ornamentation.
It is intended to look for rest and relaxation pose. the quiet in the noise.
The name:RETREAT: is program.
On this album were mic’ed recordings of singing glas, didgeridoo, small metal bells and larger porcelain bells and torn paper were used as raw material.
The process of working is very experimental and not compositional.
It is researching what one can.

Mastered by Mark Stolk (aka Mystahr)


01 – Movement 1
02 – Movement 2
03 – Movement 3
04 – Movement 4
05 – Movement 5
06 – Movement 6
07 – Movement 7

JNN053 zip files incl. art
Runtime: 1:08’15

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JNN050 various artists – no-R-mal

7 08 2009

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Celebrating the 50th release on JNN I’ve invited some of the best (netlabel)artists from around the globe to join this massive compilationalbum.

In total 52 artists joined to create the finest in what is available in experimental music these days. Much of what you hear is unreleased work with the exception of a handful. These tracks have been carefully mastered and put together to present to you a 4 CD epic journey into sound. Together with the artwork the puzzle lies ahead to find out what exactly is ‘normal’.
A tip of the veil; … there is no one answer. What one considers normal another may disagree on with totally different standards.
Or in short; we are all just not normal and we all are!

no R mal!

HerzogFrom tomorrow you will have a new city
Joe FrawleyMasque
AltusTrying to elude that dark place
Ian D Hawgood & MikoMat
EffacerA single letter
Cousin SilasDreaming of Dunwich
:retreat: – Hymn
Nagual ArtNiobe and the sea
Bob DickinsonLeb ‘wohl
GabranNos Jeux etaient simples
The ghost between the stringsBack to the abyss
Michael TrommerDiverging drone
Terje PaulsenVeering

CD1 zipfile

Bogdan DullskyKZ Mauthausen Der Schornstein
Tim WaltersTermite College
AltocumulusSpring song
Mind6SpiralAngels eat at the Chrysler building
PangeaA massive hit
Phillip WilkersonAn anomalous deviation
Gregory Conte – Deep blue
Kendall StationAlto’s breakfast
DzlavUnstable star 0.25
Susan MatthewsBabies in my dream
DjetNS (instrumental)

CD2 zipfile

Julie la RousseWaterdreams
PalancarSummoning the daemon
GurdonarkRough green snake
SighupFebruary 19th 2009
Diatribes, Ortis & Schlegel – Insubfest 06-06-09 C
Kevin HallerThis is not a Buchla
C ReiderCaptcha upgrade stickyglands
Anime HillClockwork blue
MystifiedThe haze – remix
HarDenormalized 109

CD3 zipfile

jfox – Revisited 06
AchnnDuquel goût amer
Anton MobinBut not sick
Pighood – Exsylatir
v4w.enkoTremolo grid ortogonal
Emerald AdriftPhylloxera
My brother DanielI am in control now
Metlay!mooZ (aebeascape 04)
Controlled Dissonance – When all your virtues are vices
Sabrina SiegelRock guitar
Sebo de Tripa Quartet – Scuffs

CD4 zip file

JNN050 the full zipfile
JNN050 the artwork zipfile

All tracks mastered and production by Mark ‘mystahr’ Stolk

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JNN048 Cousin Silas – Uncertainty

7 08 2009

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This work is dedicated to the memory of J.G. Ballard

Artwork by Jesùs Olmo

And a thank you to Thomas Mathie for the inspiration for tracks 6 and 12

001 – Late evening snow
002 – Behind those eyes
003 – A moment of reflection
004 – Retreat
005 – The sinking of the Cessna
006 – Stratchclyde park loch
007 – Christmas alone
008 – The tunnel was blocked by something
009 – It kind of melted
010 – Fading signals
011 – A drop in temperature
012 – Three chimneys with ladder
013 – Uncertainty

zipfile + artwork

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[JNN02] mystahr vs mystified – Par takes

8 06 2008

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It was only natural the two of us got together on one album, time and opportunity were the needed culprits in this. Mystahr provided his all hardware hard-edged electronics to the board, and mystified touched his master drone-fingers on the source material. Resulting in 4 tracks that dive deep and deeper into obscure and fascinating dark atmospheres.

01 – Part I
02 – Part II
03 – Part III
04 – Part IV

JNN02 – zipfile
All tracks: 320 kbs
runtime: 30.16 m

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