JNN054 Faustino Goyena – De Neatins

7 09 2009

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Faustino Goyena is the artistic denomination of both Nicolas L. Gago and his noise project, created in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005. It has released a number of LPs. and collaborative albums both independently and by European netlabels, being one of the most prolific noise artists in Argentina.

Goyena describes himself as a third-world noiser with a DIY musician attitude. As of 2009, a number of so-called “Guerrilla presentations” are being made, despite the absence of live performances in the early career. Goyena’s music is by principle always free to download.


01 – Welter Junior
02 – Tunuyan
03 – Nationalen Kronen
04 – Kombetare
05 – Eso duro Luis Garcia
06 – Adolph Pruitt boxejador
07 – Fetele ud
08 – Las Heras

JNN054 zip files incl. art
Runtime: 13’38

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2 responses

16 09 2009

If anyone wants to know… “De Neatins” means “Untouchable” and “Fetele Ud” translates to “Girls wet”. It’s in romanian.

Cool album!

28 03 2010

This is a great album, Mark. Have posted a track to the podcast I am now doing, here:



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