JNN099 Alexander Kibanov – Silent Trilogy (2008)

7 08 2010

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The re-release of Alexander’s first ambient & experimental album which has been very limitedly released in 2008 on Alexander’s own label is now available for the world for free.
If you’ve heard some of the previous releases by this very prolific artist before you know your ears will be in for a treat. This re-release certainly will grab your attention with its outworldish sounds and great atmospheres. Whether it’s ambient or experimental is up to you really, from subtle to in your face for certain it is just not normal!

Chapter 1 – Birth of Life
01 – Cycle of night
02 – They came from cave
Chapter 2 – Silent town
03 – Goodbye forever
04 – Danger
05 – Darkness falls
06 – Birth is death
Chapter III – Password reset
07 – Sea waves abstractions in the deepest night

JNN099 zipfile including artwork

JNN098 Apocalyptic Frequency Experience – Musings on human metamorphoses

7 07 2010

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And in the darkness lives the mysterious. Or in other words what happens when an experimental artist from Mexico (Roberto Telles Garcia) gets head to head with a French mistress of the experimental soundage (Murielle Gallon) and complete the quartet of brotherhoods with Kalavazombie on synth and programers and Simio Autodidacta for pics and art.
Their assignment: Express in sound the musings on human metamorphoses.
For certain they have reached their degree in deep dark experimentations and surprising sounds dithered with hidden messages.
It is dark, it is brooding, it is Apocalyptic!

Image by Kristina Gentvainytė


01 – The pentagram
02 – Musings on human metamorphoses
03 – Un coup de Ds jamais nabolira le hasard
04 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 2
05 – A horror of empty spaces
06 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 3
07 – Preludio a la siesta de un fauno
08 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 4
09 – A horror of empty spaces Part 2
10 – A horror of empty spaces Part 3

JNN098 zipfile including art
Runtime: 20.23

JNN096 Jazznoize – Sediments

7 07 2010

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From Spain, this multi experimentalist dares walk on the dark side of sounds as one would go shopping at the supermarket. His varried pallet of sounds has matured much since the establishement of Jazznoize in 2005. Sergio Sánches Nicolás uses field recordings transforming them a lot or at all, technicians of loop, audible errors, or the slow sounds like pure example of transformation of the means. If you’ve never heard the eerie sounds of this Spanish meister then let this opportunity not pass you by and join in this special treat for the ears.


01 – Semana Santa
02 – Nuevo Mundo I
03 – Nuevo Mundo II
04 – Fosa
05 – Necro to William
06 – Inter trash
07 – 9mm
08 – Yacimiento

JNN096 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 30.48

JNN040 v/a – The world is Just not Normal Part 2

7 05 2009

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If you’ve heard part 1 then you know to expect another retrospective megamix.

14 tracks – 55.55 minutes – one mix

Bob Dickinson – Strata (00.00)
Mystified – The long then (02.28)
Khate – The cosmonaut (06.55)
Pighood – Keeps on going (10.14)
v4w.enko – Dot compound (13.52)
Petal – The maimed king (15.42)
My brother Daniel – The runner theme scene 6 (19.15)
Gabran – The secret 3 (22.11)
These ears – Bathroom floor bassinet (26.32)
Djet – Zero room (29.36)
Feralcatscan – Psavettobozu (34.54)
Light implant – Cipher of Lux (40.39)
Blank – Balance (43.08)
Bob Dickinson – Threads (53.06)

Mixed and Mastered by Mark “Mystahr” Stolk

01 – The world is Just not Normal Pt.2

JNN040 v/a zip file + artwork
Mix at 320 kbs. Runtime: 55.55 minutes

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JNN020 – v/a – The world is Just not Normal

7 12 2008

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a 55 minute 13 track retrospective megamix of all previous JNN releases.

Danadax – June 13th 2005 Vero beach (from The dead summer sessions)
mystahr vs. dust – First part (from Par takes II)
M.A.S. – Part II (from Vanishing Godheads of Xioulan)
Tim Walters – Two thirds God (from The dry well)
Respirator – 400 (from Traffic)
mystahr vs. mystified – Part III (from Par takes)
Phillip Wilkerson – Android Womb (from Machine Caffeine)
Dzlav – Improvizijia44 (from Post meridiem)
Mystahr – Billy stares (from Mtiful)
Danadax – Moments I’ve forgotten (from Daxscapes II)
Controlled Dissonance – The following Monday (from This is what I do when you’re drunk)
dust ft. flaw5 – 080727104 (from The Moseley sessions)
Ater – Bad atomic structure (from The last day again)

Mixed and Mastered by Mystahr

The world is just not normal
320 kbs track. Runtime: 55.15 minutes

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JNN06 – Danadax – Daxscapes II

7 08 2008

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Whereas the material for DANADAX’s first LP “DAXSCAPES I” spanned several years, the tracks on the project’s second LP reach even further into the past and further into the future. Some of the cuts on “DAXSCAPES II” were made during the time DANADAX’s first 2 EPs were recorded (back in late 2004). A heavy majority of the tracks on “DAXSCAPES II” were created during the same sessions for “DAXSCAPES I,” (2005 – 2007) and even a few tracks on the second LP were created a year after the first was released (2007 – 2008).

Of special note, which I (Curtis) feel I must include here, “Danger In A Dark Room (Version 2)” was created in mid-to-late 2005, during a time when DANADAX was temporarily a three-person project. Most of the samples were originally recorded by Curtis Whatley and James Westberry. The samples were then given to Curtis D. Cousins (the sole constant member of DANADAX) to manipulate and mix together, while throwing in a few of his own sounds as well. He made several mixes from the same set of samples. The second version in the set of mixes ended up being the agreed-upon final cut amongst the three.

All visual artwork was created by Curtis D. Cousins.

DANADAX’s Myspace page

E-mail: The_Curtis_Man@yahoo.com

01 Moments I’ve forgotten
02 Awakening through another means
03 Alien landscape
04 Einam
05 Dreams of strange imagery
06 Cortex void
07 Psychic energy near the swamp
08 Vortex coid
09 Fields of unconscious astral bodies
10 Danger in a dark room
11 In its presence

Danadax – Daxscapes II – zipfile
All tracks 320 kbs; runtime: 69.57 minutes

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[JNN03] Tim Walters – The dry well

7 07 2008

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We are proud to present the (f)ree-release of this 13 year old album on Just not Normal. It’s a gem!

Two-Thirds God, Descent of Inanna, and Under
are based on the Epic of Gilgamesh,
and are part of an ongoing collaboration
with choreographer Marti Johnston.

Kee Kille sang, spoke and chanted on Descent of Inanna.
All sounds on For Want of a Nail, Valence, and The Dry Well
originated from a kalimba built by Molly Clark, age 8.
These pieces are dedicated to the memory
of Marcene and Alexander Walters.

Layout and art direction by Philip Rostonovich
Photography by Tim Walters and David Kwan
All selections realized at the Mills College Center for
Contemporary Music, Oakland, California, except Descent of Inanna,
realized at Digidesign, Menlo Park, California.

All selections ©1995 Tim Walters. Contact: walters@doubtfulpalace.com

01 – Two thirds God
02 – Descent of Inanna
03 – Under
04 – For want of a nail
05 – Valence
06 – The dry well

Full release – zip file
All tracks 320kbs

Runtime: 49.29m

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[JNN02] mystahr vs mystified – Par takes

8 06 2008

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It was only natural the two of us got together on one album, time and opportunity were the needed culprits in this. Mystahr provided his all hardware hard-edged electronics to the board, and mystified touched his master drone-fingers on the source material. Resulting in 4 tracks that dive deep and deeper into obscure and fascinating dark atmospheres.

01 – Part I
02 – Part II
03 – Part III
04 – Part IV

JNN02 – zipfile
All tracks: 320 kbs
runtime: 30.16 m

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[JNN01] normal – Storm

8 06 2008

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We are proud and honored to bring you this album as a first release on the new netlabel!

01 – The storm within
02 – The storm outside
03 – The storm that is to come

JNN01 zipfile
All tracks: 320 kbs
run.time: 60:00 m

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