JNN050 various artists – no-R-mal

7 08 2009

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Celebrating the 50th release on JNN I’ve invited some of the best (netlabel)artists from around the globe to join this massive compilationalbum.

In total 52 artists joined to create the finest in what is available in experimental music these days. Much of what you hear is unreleased work with the exception of a handful. These tracks have been carefully mastered and put together to present to you a 4 CD epic journey into sound. Together with the artwork the puzzle lies ahead to find out what exactly is ‘normal’.
A tip of the veil; … there is no one answer. What one considers normal another may disagree on with totally different standards.
Or in short; we are all just not normal and we all are!

no R mal!

HerzogFrom tomorrow you will have a new city
Joe FrawleyMasque
AltusTrying to elude that dark place
Ian D Hawgood & MikoMat
EffacerA single letter
Cousin SilasDreaming of Dunwich
:retreat: – Hymn
Nagual ArtNiobe and the sea
Bob DickinsonLeb ‘wohl
GabranNos Jeux etaient simples
The ghost between the stringsBack to the abyss
Michael TrommerDiverging drone
Terje PaulsenVeering

CD1 zipfile

Bogdan DullskyKZ Mauthausen Der Schornstein
Tim WaltersTermite College
AltocumulusSpring song
Mind6SpiralAngels eat at the Chrysler building
PangeaA massive hit
Phillip WilkersonAn anomalous deviation
Gregory Conte – Deep blue
Kendall StationAlto’s breakfast
DzlavUnstable star 0.25
Susan MatthewsBabies in my dream
DjetNS (instrumental)

CD2 zipfile

Julie la RousseWaterdreams
PalancarSummoning the daemon
GurdonarkRough green snake
SighupFebruary 19th 2009
Diatribes, Ortis & Schlegel – Insubfest 06-06-09 C
Kevin HallerThis is not a Buchla
C ReiderCaptcha upgrade stickyglands
Anime HillClockwork blue
MystifiedThe haze – remix
HarDenormalized 109

CD3 zipfile

jfox – Revisited 06
AchnnDuquel goût amer
Anton MobinBut not sick
Pighood – Exsylatir
v4w.enkoTremolo grid ortogonal
Emerald AdriftPhylloxera
My brother DanielI am in control now
Metlay!mooZ (aebeascape 04)
Controlled Dissonance – When all your virtues are vices
Sabrina SiegelRock guitar
Sebo de Tripa Quartet – Scuffs

CD4 zip file

JNN050 the full zipfile
JNN050 the artwork zipfile

All tracks mastered and production by Mark ‘mystahr’ Stolk

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29 responses

7 08 2009
Anton Mobin

Amaizing release !! Thanx for all Mark !

7 08 2009

I’ve just listened to cd1, great droney stuff!
Thanks for your work!

7 08 2009
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7 08 2009
Ian Hawgood

thanks mark, looks and sounds great 🙂

7 08 2009
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7 08 2009
7 08 2009
juan antonio nieto (Pangea)

Hello Mark, thanks a lot for this wonderfull release!!

7 08 2009
8 08 2009

Thanks for your great soul, dear Mark!
Veeeeery greeeeat compilation!
You are our light!

Grazie e veramente tanti complimenti per il tuo lavoro infaticabile!

gabriele (gabran)

8 08 2009

Thanks for your great soul, dear Mark!
You are our light!
Grazie e veramente tanti complimenti per il tuo lavoro infaticabile!
gabriele (gabran)

8 08 2009
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8 08 2009


8 08 2009

I was very happy to see something from Herzog on CD1 — big fan of his work!

9 08 2009
Scott D Buchanan

thanks mark

9 08 2009

Massive thing you’ve put together here, Mark. I’ve listened once through, so much to take in.

Do you have links anywhere to artist websites? Several performers I don’t know but would like to hear more from.

9 08 2009

Ahhh yes, I did not want to do that immediately (there was also the time issue)

But that has been taken care of now; all the available artist-sites are a click away


And a thank you to all who have left words of appreciation, thank you for your time and ears.

16 08 2009
18 08 2009
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24 10 2009
Astral Guardian

Found this collection thanks to Free Albums Galore’s review. Awesome stuff. Quite tempted to podcast it in full for my listeners. Just would want the green light before such an undertaking.

24 10 2009
(moppelkotzer) 's status on Saturday, 24-Oct-09 19:43:32 UTC - Identi.ca

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25 10 2009
Thomas L. Raukamp

Release of the day.
Massive collection, thanks so much!

30 10 2009
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6 01 2010
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1 05 2010
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18 06 2010
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