JNN036 These Ears – Ex Prince MT.

7 04 2009

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Selected tracks from a
large volume of work, by james douglas,
compiled by a sense of communication from
the sounds inbetween the sounds.
a series of compositions containing
several styles of sound arrangement
& experimentation with made sounds,
found sounds, & general noise making
aleotoric freak out sessions.

experiment with your listening techniques…
listen to it with headphones, with earplugs,
while driving, while fucking,
listen to it with your friend,
& your black friend.
go all out.

thanks to those who helped me
fill up jars of sound to paint with.

arrangements/compositions by james douglas
all sounds used: recorded by james douglas
album photo by james douglas

01 – Dreamstache
02 – Existence construction
03 – Action summons stares
04 – Just give me a minute
05 – Bathroom floor bassinet
06 – Dads truck
07 – God in the corner
08 – Nervous tick
09 – Devils pigtails
10 – Going gone
11 – Sour bubble gum
12 – Ahwemewah busride
13 – Chewing dreams
14 – Slavecave
15 – UHM
16 – Auto-pilot
17 Grandmaw visit
18 – Beat shit

Ex Prince MT. zip-file
All tracks 192 kbs. Runtime: 50.47 min

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11 04 2009
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