JNN037 Feralcatscan – Whithersoexotica

7 04 2009

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Exotic sound-scapes from the far reaches of the Whithersoever, a vast multiplicity of universes.
Recorded in dynamic Quaquaphonic stereo!

Feralcatscan is science fiction, a romantic walk through a dystopian wonderland, that strange array of lights hovering in the twilight, the mad scientist caressing peculiar mechanical finery, the sound of countless worlds falling into oblivion.

Using mostly obsolete and reverse engineered technology, this mercurial music ensemble connects seemingly different disciplines of art, science, and spirituality, with a delicate application the absurd. The result is that of chaos surrendering, regrouping, and then revolting.

01 – Modwaloo
02 – Antorekati
03 – Gungle Quoumnom
04 – Psarvettobozu
05 – Luabababapaga
06 – Fyarguu

Whithersoexotica zip-file
All tracks 320 kbs. Runtime: 35.12 min

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2 responses

11 04 2009
Playlist April 11th 2009 (as the show progresses) « Not the normal shit radio

[…] – Whithersoexotica – Modwaloo – Antorekati – Gungle Quomnom – […]

13 04 2009
David Waldman

Juicy spookitude…love the poppage.

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