JNN112 Somnaphon – Sarasota

7 11 2010

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A large portion of this album was composed from ‘disturbances’ that were recorded while living in an active haunted house.
You may consider this your after Halloween treat, or just a plain immersive and fantastic album filled with darkness and just plain great tracks! What the maker probably don’t realize though is that 112 in the Netherlands is the equal to 911 in the US.
You may keep that number near while listening to this!

Created by A. Traeger
additional sounds on ‘lugal’ by Mere
additional sounds on ‘unial’ by Relvm


01 – Copal
02 – Aloha
03 – Lugal
04 – Vucub
05 – Ceiba
06 – Unial
07 – Wayeb

JNN112 zipfile including artwork




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10 11 2010
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