JNN091 Stream69 – Ministries & Thieves

7 06 2010

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From France Stream69 revisits the JNN catalog with his successor to the beautiful album ‘Souvenirs from Earth’ (JNN046). This time the edges have sharpened, though the beautiful have not left sight, or perhaps better the ears. Sit back and let this 16 track album begeist your ears.


01 – Ministries and thieves
02 – Namaste
03 – Do you know it
04 – Deep endorphin
05 – En total condition
06 – Iris sphere
07 – Nuit blanche
08 – LPA
09 – Leeds
10 – La transe
11 – Not the normal shit radio
12 – Pure volume
13 – La marque deep
14 – Pinewood summer breeze sprawling
15 – Stream my mind
16 – Mother space

JNN091 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 1.31’02

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JNN046 Stream69 – Souvenirs from Earth

7 06 2009

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“This album is dedicated to Souvenirs From Earth TV”

The Way of Creed – “Dedicated to a certain Jesus”
First Prayer – “Meditation, Saintliness & Philosophy”
Infinite Garden – “Green Kingdom’s Garden, Cosmic Expand”
Souvenirs From Earth – “Dedicated to Souvenirs From Earth (French/German TV)”
Sisleep – “Dedicated to our Micro-Sleeps”
Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit – “Dedicated to a certain French TV-Show carrying this name”
Better & Faster – “Doin’ Music only when it calls me”
Quartet Works – “Dedicated to any soulmen who use machines and computers like an orchestra”
Profond Sommeil – “Sleepy Noises”
The Highway Close of Cemetery – “Dedicated to the Cemetery of my town*”
Mur Du Son – “Undedicated to 1933-1945, Dedicated to The Right Stuff (Movie)”
To Fall – “Undedicated to the loss controls, Dedicated to the gravity”
Scratched Vynils – “Dedicated to Vynil’s Children”


01 – The way of creed
02 – First prayer
03 – Infinite garden
04 – Souvenirs from Earth
05 – Sisleep
06 – Voyage au bout de la nuit
07 – Better and faster
08 – Quartet works
09 – Profond Sommeil
10 – The highway close of cemetery
11 – Mur du son
12 – To fall
13 – Scratched vynils

JNN046 Stream69 zipfile & artwork
All tracks 320kbs – Runtime: 1.02’47

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JNN041 La Ferièrre Ensemble – De-Composizioni

7 05 2009

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“De-Composizioni” was originally realized (but actually not distributed) as homemade demotape in 2006, almost in accidental circumstances.
All tracks, based on few simple sounds and captured in a field recording, are composed, performed & recorded live during a studio session, and their structures are mostly improvised.

La Ferrière Ensemble is:

Imago Meccano: drum machine, pedal effects, elec guitars, accordion, concept

LamieraChicken: elec guitar, pedal effects

Onoco: pedal effects, bass guitar

All tracks by La Ferrière Ensemble (2006)
Recording, mixing & mastering by Imago Meccano


01 – De-Composizioni 1
02 – De-Composizioni 2
03 – De-Composizioni 3
04 – De-Composizioni 4
05 – De-Composizioni 5
06 – De-Composizioni 6
07 – (BonuSenzatitolo N.7)

JNN041 La Ferierre Ensemble zip file + artwork
All files 192 kbs. Runtime: 37.10 minutes

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JNN037 Feralcatscan – Whithersoexotica

7 04 2009

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Exotic sound-scapes from the far reaches of the Whithersoever, a vast multiplicity of universes.
Recorded in dynamic Quaquaphonic stereo!

Feralcatscan is science fiction, a romantic walk through a dystopian wonderland, that strange array of lights hovering in the twilight, the mad scientist caressing peculiar mechanical finery, the sound of countless worlds falling into oblivion.

Using mostly obsolete and reverse engineered technology, this mercurial music ensemble connects seemingly different disciplines of art, science, and spirituality, with a delicate application the absurd. The result is that of chaos surrendering, regrouping, and then revolting.

01 – Modwaloo
02 – Antorekati
03 – Gungle Quoumnom
04 – Psarvettobozu
05 – Luabababapaga
06 – Fyarguu

Whithersoexotica zip-file
All tracks 320 kbs. Runtime: 35.12 min

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JNN032 Gabran – Secrets

7 03 2009

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Return in the forest for a new harvest of sounds…
I’m looking for other sounds … other worlds …

These are just some of the sounds
that I brought home after my last trip …
After my last dream …

Echoes of distant nebulae disappeared into infinity of the mind…
only a few sounds, a gift for those who want to listen …

To hear them turn off the light and let the images exploding in your mind …
only a candle… and, then, a full immersion into sounds …

Sounds help us to understand ourselves…

01 Secret 1
02 Secret 2
03 Secret 3
04 Secret 4
05 Secret 5
06 Secret 6
07 Secret 7
08 Secret 8
09 Secret 9
10 Secret 10

JNN032 Gabran zip-file
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 1.02’19
Mastered by Mark Stolk (mystahr)

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JNN09 – Phillip Wilkerson – Machine Caffeine

7 09 2008

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One of the prolific artists of late presents an album full of glitch, experimentalism and electronic rhythms and melodies. Not only does he create some awesome ambient; these experimental series are a treat to the ears. What would the machines sound like if they were hyped with coffee; Machine Caffeine travels deep into this black gold incited machinery and digs up some delicious brews.

01 Extempore
02 Machine caffeine
03 Polyglottos
04 Affirmation
05 Egression
06 Android Womb
07 Whitewash

PhillipWilkerson – Machine Caffeine zip-file
All tracks 320 kbs. Runtime: 47.17m

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