JNN092 Kris Cadwell – Art is a style of perception

7 06 2010

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Like Stream69, Kris Cadwell also revisits the JNN-catalog with a successor to his first album ‘Offerings’ (JNN070). Another beauty and indepth look into the sound of a visual artist exploring not in paint or color, but in tone.
The diversity of this artist is remarkable; at times this feels very Boards of Canada when he can also change his cloth and create a beautiful deep field of drones and beatfree song. Kris certainly shows his wardrobe and wears it in style.
We’re very happen to welcome him back to Just not Normal. And as for you; why not dip into this soft and wonderful realm that somehow only a visual artist can conceive.


01 – Remember when
02 – The feared poly drug abuser
03 – Hues
04 – Sleepaid
05 – Intermission
06 – A melody for our dead friends
07 – A dream about the river
08 – Light precipitation
09 – Snowstorm

JNN092 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 38.41 min

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