JNN111 Phillip Wilkerson – Particle

7 11 2010

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There was an interview the other day in which, if I remember correctly Phillip stated that he was going to concentrate less on the experimental free releases. Well since you are reading these words here you are clearly recognizing that the great Phillip Wilkerson has yet done it again. Right before your eyes is the latest experimental release from Phillip that can be regarded as a blessing for your wanton ears. If you’ve heard some of the previous JNN releases by Phillip I can but say, the man is taking it all a step further, another step deeper into the sounds and mechanics of these sounds. Particle is a treat and it should be welcomed to your harddrive with honor. Thank you Phillip for creating this and sharing it with the world through JNN.


01 – Particle Zwei
02 – Particle Drei
03 – Particle Vier
04 – Particle Sieben
05 – Particle Neun

JNN111 zipfile including artwork