IMC02 various artists – of Places and moments

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Of Places and Moments is a celebration of the art of field recordings. The tracks to be included utilized recordings from the Sounds Found Project, a repository of user-contributed field recordings. The source recordings were mangled, manipulated, abused and violated, in some cases beyond recognition, to create 18 distinctly different interpretations ranging from minimal drone, to noise, to electronica.


01 Jack Solium – Celimancie
02 Mystahr – Baltic Blues
03 Phobos – Down the tubes of Penny bell
04 jfox – PROGEX
05 Plastic love tool – Plebs truculenta
06 The Raytownians – Take me back to Tuscaloosa
07 C Reider – Core exit
08 Pyne – The hand of glory
09 Cagey House – Scissor bird
10 robojam – Tekno punks in ze house
11 Gurdonark – Hear and know
12 Sighup – rain, traffic
13 Shane Morris – Contemplating the subjective nature of reality
14 jfox – Gute
15 Controlled Dissonance – St. Clair station
16 Pavonine – Oscilloclast
17 Subspace annex – Paso
18 Ghost animal funeral songs – Cicada filters
Runtime: 1’45.02

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IMC01 various artists – Mental Hygiene League

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YES! You are certainly reading this right. A brand new catalog has rissen amidst the fireworks that is called Just not Normal.
IMC is short for Intelligent Machinery Compilations! And for those who know the background of how Just not Normal came about they will know it is birthed from NTNS radio. And long before NTNS radio the second edition as we know it today came about there once was NTNS radio before. From late 2004 till early 2007 NTNS was around already and back in those days it was hosted by John Ingram. Alongside he ran a netlabel called Intelligent Machinery. As I know all to well myself that I could never fully give up on music and the world around it John returns today in the realm of releases.
Starting with this very special compilation you will find here special projects initiated by the master himself and now nested within the compounds of Just not Normal. This is only the beginning!!!!

It was in 1975 that a group of high school friends started calling themselves the Mental Hygiene League. The name was chosen to represent the gathering together and sharing of their artistic musings and wistful discoveries. 35 years later, this small group of free-thinkers has expanded into a cultural and artistic phenomenon that has bridged generational gaps. Collected here for the first time is an offering of sonic meanderings from an assortment of people who are of the Mental Hygiene League: some tracks are solo performances and others are live group ensembles, but all tracks are truly Hygienic.


01 Jeff Hill – Don’t tell a soul
02 Delta Brane – The Awwa suite
03 The Mental Hygiene League – Spiders dancing on a mirror
04 Controlled Dissonance – Illustration 12b
05 The Mental Hygiene League – Bent hadron
06 Ken Hopson – Moon eyes on me
07 The Mental Hygiene League – In the dead of the nightingale
08 Lee Mattox – 092198v2
09 AWWA – Railroad tracks
10 MIR – The storm

IMC01 zipfile including artwork

JNN044 Pighood – To patch a creditor

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Hymn: Why don’t you have a seat right over there?

P*gh**d: These cookies are delicious…did you hatch them on your own?

Hymn: Keep your hands where I can see them.

P*gh**d: Is that a Neumann in your pocket, or are you just extremely pumped about your job?

Hymn: Soooooo….what was your plan for tonight?

P*gh**d: To pee on thy forehead until there ain’t no more pee in mee.

Hymn: What do you think should happen to you?


Hymn: Oh, for gross!

P*gh**d: I blame Bush.

Hymn: Don’t we all?



01 – Analgesic gnome
02 – Earth hour? … Feh
03 – Hitler on the roof
04 – In with the old
05 – Kapumpkin
06 – Mao ze dongle
07 – Pro ham shoot her tow
08 – Qontac
09 – Soljay
10 – Stop having a boring tuna
11 – Twitter

JNN044 Pighood zipfile with art
All tracks: 192kbs. Runtime: 56.39 minutes

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JNN026 Pighood – Klippklappkeppilookie

7 03 2009 page
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Q1: What is this Pighood already?

A1: An nounjective pertaining to apricot colored winter garment worn by the fartist in 1978 to the amusement and of a big titty school chum named Claudia. Ohai!)

Q2: What the hell, dude?

A2: A sleepy brain invents scenarios wot make a wakey brain shrug and go “ummm…waht?” The audio portion of mines winds up in this here digital format for your amusement/derision/inertia. It don’t get no deeper than that.

Q3: Where to now, Saint Pighood?

A3: Circuit City methinks…I wish to make tinkle on the remaining fixtures.


01 Clowes
02 Keeps on going
03 Lungs, kittens & push-pins
04 Medium rarebit
05 Peppermap
06 Pock pock
07 There’s plenty more
08 They live in your eyelashes
09 Yippie Thai

JNN026 Pighood zip-file
All tracks 192kbs. Runtime: 48:27 minutes

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