JNN117 My brother Daniel – Ponky

7 01 2011

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The hyper active and musical Scott Buchanan returns as My brother Daniel to the realm of Just not Normal with his now 4th release of lofi goodies. If you loved the first three then by all means number four will have you dancin’ and prancin’ all over the floor. Go and download this release, lock the doors and give it a spin. You’ll not regret it. It’s mad!!!


My Brother Daniel – Ponky


1. Intro: Fonky McPonky +**

2. Casio Madness %^@
3. Daylight Savings !^
4. Bird Boy %
5. Three Bird %

6. Gameboy Intermission: Zintendo $

7. Smiley Face %^
8. Fat Bird %
9. Fallen Church %*@
10. Wee Bird %

11. Outro: Ponky McFonky +**


* Casio SK-1
$ Pitch-bent GameBoy w. Nanoloop v1.5
+ RjDj iPhone Synth
** Roland MC-202
% Bent BabyBird Synth
! Nintendo Korg DS-10
^ Casiotone MT-68
@ Coby tv/radio

Octave Pedal
Distorsion Pedal
Delay Pedal
Alesis FX Mixer
Dr Sampler SP-202


this music falls under any one of these categories:

chance process
homemade music
experimental music
electronic music
field recording
circuit bending

the art of the everyday, guerilla or street music can
uncover the latent potentials of the Internet for networking,
cultural inclusivity, openness and interactivity.



& tip of the hat to:

Mark Stolk
Noel Snow
Koki Abra
Hunnie Bunnies
Ken Rei
Dino Felipe
Computer at Sea
Shaun Blezard
Anton Mobin


01 – Intro Fonky McPonky
02 – Casio madness
03 – Daylight savings
04 – Birdboy
05 Three bird
06 – Zintendo
07 – Smileyface
08 – Fat bird
09 – Fallen church
10 – Wee bird
11 – Outro Ponky McFonky

JNN117 zipfile including artwork

JNN110 Khate – Therapy

7 11 2010

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What are you saying; you never heard of Khate before. What rock have you been living under?
One of the finer mistresses of the world of experimental electronics resurfaces with a brand new album!
After the longest absence from music making and as she claims ‘the crazies’ this fine fine artist returns and boy are we in for a treat. From one of our back and forth emails:

“But! I’m on the mend (or at least pretending to be). And one thing me & the ol’ therapist are working on is me being able to let go of artwork. Like, it’s never good enough, so it languishes in the hard drive/studio forever. I’ve got hours of material that have been building up over the past couple years that I just can’t let go of. Yet I’ve kept them around and worked on them over and over, so I must think they have some merit.

I wanna set some of these captive animals free, just grit my teeth and let them go. In my head, these are terrible tracks… but I can’t exactly hear someone argue otherwise unless I let them go, right?”

Let’s give Khate a warm welcome back and for now delve into this 17 track madness called Therapy, being Therapy.


01 – Spawn of Ingram
02 – High plains
03 – Let’s fuck
04 – Moon
05 – An unfortunate relapse
06 – Ymas
07 – Mad weather
08 – Working title
09 – Labyrinth
10 – Summers fly by
11 – Tape
12 – Pizzano+
13 – The cold
14 – 755
15 – Stew
16 – Syrup
17 – Vesani (march)

JNN110 zipfile including artwork

JNN098 Apocalyptic Frequency Experience – Musings on human metamorphoses

7 07 2010

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And in the darkness lives the mysterious. Or in other words what happens when an experimental artist from Mexico (Roberto Telles Garcia) gets head to head with a French mistress of the experimental soundage (Murielle Gallon) and complete the quartet of brotherhoods with Kalavazombie on synth and programers and Simio Autodidacta for pics and art.
Their assignment: Express in sound the musings on human metamorphoses.
For certain they have reached their degree in deep dark experimentations and surprising sounds dithered with hidden messages.
It is dark, it is brooding, it is Apocalyptic!

Image by Kristina Gentvainytė


01 – The pentagram
02 – Musings on human metamorphoses
03 – Un coup de Ds jamais nabolira le hasard
04 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 2
05 – A horror of empty spaces
06 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 3
07 – Preludio a la siesta de un fauno
08 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 4
09 – A horror of empty spaces Part 2
10 – A horror of empty spaces Part 3

JNN098 zipfile including art
Runtime: 20.23

JNN097 Thanato Twist & Oleg’s sound system – Swing mastication

7 07 2010

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If the world of lo-fi IDM could find more oompf, this would be the place. A wealth of toys has been intergrated into these 10 tracks that will make your mind swirl and your body ache for more. Ofcourse it may just as well be possible that you’re not into such degraded toynoises. If that is the case, you certainly got lost and trapped in a world you needn’t be in.
Most likely you will thoroughly enjoy this recording of two giants in the world of experimental improv’ed music: Ayato and Kortane Cortex.

A review of their first album on Treetrunk records reveils this:
“Psychedelic blasts, vast explosions of noises, unbeat in the repetitions, celestial harmony torn. Plasma waves building the spatial scene of Bailarin noche. Slobbery beats and sweating melodies turn around our solar system. There’s no doubt ! The brain of the Thanato’s is lost in a somber meditation. Black hole. White noise. Ready to thrill on the drift ?”
This may as well have been the review of this current release; it is just breathtaking!

Recorded live & cut @ la ferme lá 07/05/2010 – Olivet, France
master @ Léon la Beauce 23/6/2010
Thanatomutsi VO2 & Thanatogushi ID play:
PSR48, DSR2000, TR606, Dictaphone, Pedals
artwork: Joe Baire


01 – Desert march
02 – Program change
03 – Glitchy-pitchy
04 – Noxious nuggets
05 – Soul delicatessen
06 80’s twisted Oleg’s revenge
07 – Whimsical resurection dub
08 – Nuclear nub
09 – Incantation
10 – Rising at the rill

JNN097 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 38.21

JNN096 Jazznoize – Sediments

7 07 2010

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From Spain, this multi experimentalist dares walk on the dark side of sounds as one would go shopping at the supermarket. His varried pallet of sounds has matured much since the establishement of Jazznoize in 2005. Sergio Sánches Nicolás uses field recordings transforming them a lot or at all, technicians of loop, audible errors, or the slow sounds like pure example of transformation of the means. If you’ve never heard the eerie sounds of this Spanish meister then let this opportunity not pass you by and join in this special treat for the ears.


01 – Semana Santa
02 – Nuevo Mundo I
03 – Nuevo Mundo II
04 – Fosa
05 – Necro to William
06 – Inter trash
07 – 9mm
08 – Yacimiento

JNN096 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 30.48

JNN088 Lethargija – Tavaa Praataa

7 05 2010

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This album was played well over a month ago on NTNS radio and stirred a great big vibe inside. Luckily Julia Mangore has obliged in Just not Normal providing for a more permanent home for this radical album. Experimental IDM I’d say, but her myspace page says it all:
Psychical sonic, phonic, sometimes tonic experiments by Julia Mangore and OctobrineXIII, since 2009.


01 – Collage
02 – Narcissism
03 – Baby play
04 – Sterne Frau

JNN088 Lhetargija zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 33.13

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JNN076 Aide Auditive – Otcaonah

7 02 2010

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An album of delightful animative sound sculptures that will take you on a journey. Expect the unexpected in this electronic improvised experimentalism coming from a French studio.

Aide Auditive – Electronic Improvisation

Matohawk & Mysth-R
Laptop & Modular PD Patch

01 – Ootmo
02 – Tetib
03 – Cihu
04 – Acad
05 – Ajad
06 – Ommmm
07 – Oj
08 – Neqfeb
09 – Ajal
10 – Hewewobok

JNN076 zipfile including art
Runtime: 35.09

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JNN074 10KoneKt – Winx

7 02 2010

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Cut in live session recorded in 2009.
all tracks only made with circuit bent toys.

good listen.

01 – Winx 01
01 – Winx 02
01 – Winx 03
01 – Winx 04
01 – Winx 05

JNN077 zipfile including art
runtime: 27.17

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JNN064 The Silence Bureau – The Silence Bureau

7 11 2009

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This album contains minimalistic noise, avant-garde synthesizer, guitar, and piano experiments recorded from 2007 to the present year. Sound collages of varied textures and moods, overall this album will challenge listeners to reconsider the nature of ‘music’.

Jeff Fowler aka The Silence Bureau


01 – Overt transmissions
02 – Wake
03 – 33Saturday
04 – We put them on the frozen tracks
05 – Six guitars
06 – Yet another space western
07 – Outlets for passion
08 – Spectacle
09 – Ambient party to go
10 – Future compositions for ancient technology
11 – Garbled samba
12 – Observation
13 – Sectile 2.0
14 – Energie
15 – The long road

JNN064 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 1.17’44

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JNN044 Pighood – To patch a creditor

7 06 2009

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Hymn: Why don’t you have a seat right over there?

P*gh**d: These cookies are delicious…did you hatch them on your own?

Hymn: Keep your hands where I can see them.

P*gh**d: Is that a Neumann in your pocket, or are you just extremely pumped about your job?

Hymn: Soooooo….what was your plan for tonight?

P*gh**d: To pee on thy forehead until there ain’t no more pee in mee.

Hymn: What do you think should happen to you?


Hymn: Oh, for gross!

P*gh**d: I blame Bush.

Hymn: Don’t we all?



01 – Analgesic gnome
02 – Earth hour? … Feh
03 – Hitler on the roof
04 – In with the old
05 – Kapumpkin
06 – Mao ze dongle
07 – Pro ham shoot her tow
08 – Qontac
09 – Soljay
10 – Stop having a boring tuna
11 – Twitter

JNN044 Pighood zipfile with art
All tracks: 192kbs. Runtime: 56.39 minutes

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