FMC10 usr/sbin – Home before dark

7 11 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

We are nearing the end of this series, but not before this and two more to come to your ears.
All in all this series is turning into a masterfull series of great full moon improvs. Shortly after Christmas Stillstream radio will be playing all 12 in the monster marathon of the Full Moon Concert series. Untill that time, here’s #10

A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume nine: a luminous harvest

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on October 22nd 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010

Next Live show: November 21st


Ere the fall of darkness

FMC10 zipfile including artwork

FMC09 usr/sbin- A luminous harvest

7 10 2010 page
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A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume nine: a luminous harvest

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on September 23rd 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010

Next Live show: October 22nd


A luminous harvest

FMC09 zipfile including artwork

JNN108 Out level – Strange sounds can make a man happy

7 10 2010 page
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And here I was thinking that the man we know all too well from his magnificent field recordings (Luis Antero) had taken a side step into a different cloak (Out Level). But upon checking any profiles for writing a little bit to whet your apetite’s I realize that this is the eleventh release allready! I should rather frown upon myself for not having shared any of his music yet on a previous NTNS radio show. Alas so it is.
After his earlier Website Story released on Just not Normal I can truly say I am flabbergasted with the release Luis now offers. Prepared guitar is the main event in these short tracks. But little is left of the original sounds as these appear more to be sound travels through a space many have not yet meandered. You can today though, and board this delicacy in sounds. While your at it, do take the time to check out his earlier works on XS record, Bypass and Merzbau. Something you may thank me for.


01 Prólogo
02 Chapter 1
03 Chapter 2
04 Chapter 3
05 Chapter 4
06 Chapter 5
07 Chapter 6
08 Chapter 7
09 Epilogo

JNN108 zipfile including artwork

JNN107 Chris Lynn – The clouds have settled in

7 10 2010 page
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Chris Lynn is a multifaceted filmmaker and Sound Artist from Maryland, USA. His work has been screened at festivals and galleries in the United States, Europe and Mexico. His short films focus primarily in urban and rural landscapes. His sound pieces are an assemblage of field recordings, ambient pieces, and soundtracks from his films.
I personally have stumbled upon Chris’ soundpieces through the various releases he has out on Earth Monkey, Electronic Music and Misspelled Records. Through time I have always enjoyed his works a lot and when Chris knocked on JNN’s door for a future release I was well stumped and immediately took him in. And I have certainly been rewarded with a fine release filled with fragile yet beautiful soundscapes from what appear to be recordings somewhere in Asia. But I believe that is not the common factor of this release. Having heard this now a few times there is a timidness in these recordings, something that nourishes the listeners ears and soul and refreshes the mind.
If you’re a fan of field recordings then this is a release not to be missed. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!


01 Clapping near the Bund
02 Train 60734
03 Rain inside Nanjing University
04 Reading Poe and Baudelaire
05 Early morning in Lian Yungang
06 Strolling near the river
07 After sound (Riverdale late Summer)
08 The clouds have settled in

JNN107 zipfile including artwork

JNN106 Szentpétery Csaba – Conclusion

7 10 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

It was somewhere in 2009 that through NTNS radio I first heard of this Hungarian artist. I had played an album from him that was released on Amduscias Records and I loved that to bits. The silence after that settled in untill early August Szentpétery contacted me and asked me if I was interested in releasing his latest album. Without hearing even a single tone I welcomed him onboard and new that I would be proud of this fine fine release.
And so it did turn out to be; this 12 track album that floats on soft noise, dark ambience but most of all a great atmosphere of abstract experimentalism. Today is the day that you get to hear from this artist. Put up your feet and relax to the hypnotizing works from Szentpétery, your chance is now!


01 Overture atmosphere
02 Horsefly
03 The visitors
04 The visitors Pt 2
05 The visitors Pt 3
06 Dark swarm
07 For we are many
08 Escape
09 Exit
10 2’30’19’20
11 Datapile
12 Conclusion

JNN106 zipfile including art

JNN105 Candstandya – Awake in a dark room

7 10 2010 page
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Awake in a dark room is the follow-up EP to Slow Motions, compiled from leftover tracks recorded before the album sessions, and one newer track (Avoid A Void).
Because this EP consists of material recorded vaguely around the same time as the Slow Motions sessions it very much is a companion piece to the album, though musically it’s pretty different. Tracks 1 & 4 consist almost exclusively out of E-Bow sounds, while the middle two tracks combine the use of E-Bow with more traditional guitar playing. Enjoy!

Tracks 1, 3 & 4 recorded during various sessions in 2009
Track 2 recorded in 2010
All using Guitar, E-Bow, Effects and Laptop
All tracks written, recorded, edited and mixed by Michiel Geluykens
Artwork: Michiel Geluykens


1 – E-Bow (1)
2 – Avoid A Void
3 – The Long Night
4 – E-Bow (2)

JNN105 zip-file including artwork

JNN100 various artists – no-r-mal II

7 08 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

At long last it is finaly here; the successor of no-r-mal the first edition. Almost a year later down the line, but highly improved and filled with more goodies. Started on April 25th I would never have thought that this would grow as big as it did. Many bulkloads of work went into getting this compilation album out there, but it is out there now!
71 artists, 71 tracks have turned into a 6 CD!!! compilation album making for over 7 hours of listening pleasure. Today I give this to the world so that you may enjoy the sounds of some of the worlds great netlabel artists that all work somewhere in the field of experimental music. Neatly organized into 6 different atmospheres: Warm voices, Dark places, Strange paces, Ca-dance, Art sounds and Outta here.

Take your own moment and meander through these tracks that have all been laboured with love!
All CD’s are burnable to fit on an audio CD.
You can download the singular tracks, the separate CD’s or for daredevils the full gigantic zip file.
(PS; artists links will be added at a later point)

CD 1 – Warm voices

01 Nigel SamwaysWindburn
02 Bob DickinsonRendition
03 usr/sbinVoices
04 Dave SeidelPenumbral
05 Bob OhrumNocturnality
06 Sceance NoireMJ
07 Terje PaulsenUntitled
08 Joe Frawley – The theory of Emily
09 Miquel Parera Jaquesnc Score
10 Massimo CroceApocrifo di Giacomo

CD1 zipfile including artwork (151 Mb)

CD2 – Dark places

01 James McDougalDirt in the wire
02 Cezary Gapik#0466
03 FoselSyntax of things
04 PalancarArroyo
05 C ReiderWill fall
06 Terra EngineInsomnia
07 Controlled DissonanceTrain
08 Kristus KutThe teethmark on your nipples
09 900PiesekPearls and lyzards
10 BatcheebaKiss the whip

CD2 zipfile including artwork (152 Mb)

CD3 – Strange paces

01 MegatonePure Land
02 TozzRoxOpslagboter
03 GurdonarkNormale stem
04 GabranMorning invocation
05 Emerald adriftExclusion zone
06 SubterminalBreathe
07 TyynyliinaAnd suddenly they had to run
08 VoderFutures
09 Shane Morris & Muied LumensAt the gates of the unknown
10 Ariu KaraRusty smoke
11 Andrass KissCatotelm
12 BotongDie sich bekehren lassen

CD3 zipfile including artwork (153 Mb)

CD4 – Ca-dance

01 AstrowindForest rain
02 Adamned.ageWachtraum
03 DedxoundNbi
04 MPHMFrostbite harpmix Mk 2.1
05 Joe McMahonLanding at cyclades macula
06 Kris CadwellJourney to the ants
07 MystifiedUnsync
08 DzlavContours
09 Kevin HallerBurnt collisions
10 Johann MerrichMato grosso Mourning glory
11 MeasuresDive in
12 Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtSoft power
13 My brother DanielFat bird

CD4 zipfile including artwork (153 Mb)

CD5 – Art sounds

01 Denis McCarty – Plays Saba taksim
02 Juan Antonio NietoIcarus
03 Luis AnteroAlvoco Soundscapes One
04 jfox – daveflop
05 Paulo ChagasEngorra
06 Philip WilkersonFour point two
07 Tensor Sensellation – Cryptococcus
08 DanadaxSchizoid
09 AyatoLibra’s turning control
10 MedmudBal impuls
11 AltocumulusFour days of rain

CD5 zipfile including artwork (154 Mb)

CD6 – Outta here

01 PS – ni100603
02 Jazznoize – Komintern No 1
03 Somnaphon – Eye Calypso
04 Candstandya – The long night
05 op.cit – Saturnalia
06 Rinus van Alebeek & Anton Mobin – Phonecall
07 Carlos Suarez – Vulgus veritatis pessimus interpres
08 Thanato Twist Olegs Sound Sys – Whimsical resurection dub
09 Given Willingly – Dedicated to a lost cause
10 The silence bureau – SBPore
11 Tubiliforme – Cedar
12 v4w.nko – Intergrses
13 Mudbug Noggins – Suck
14 Mystahr – Live at Rigoletto Paris (excerpt)
15 Mono Poly – Panzer

CD6 zipfile including artwork (153 Mb)

JNN100 the full zipfile including artwork (919 Mb)
JNN100 the artwork in one zipfile (14 Mb)

JNN098 Apocalyptic Frequency Experience – Musings on human metamorphoses

7 07 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

And in the darkness lives the mysterious. Or in other words what happens when an experimental artist from Mexico (Roberto Telles Garcia) gets head to head with a French mistress of the experimental soundage (Murielle Gallon) and complete the quartet of brotherhoods with Kalavazombie on synth and programers and Simio Autodidacta for pics and art.
Their assignment: Express in sound the musings on human metamorphoses.
For certain they have reached their degree in deep dark experimentations and surprising sounds dithered with hidden messages.
It is dark, it is brooding, it is Apocalyptic!

Image by Kristina Gentvainytė


01 – The pentagram
02 – Musings on human metamorphoses
03 – Un coup de Ds jamais nabolira le hasard
04 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 2
05 – A horror of empty spaces
06 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 3
07 – Preludio a la siesta de un fauno
08 – Musings on human metamorphoses Part 4
09 – A horror of empty spaces Part 2
10 – A horror of empty spaces Part 3

JNN098 zipfile including art
Runtime: 20.23

JNN097 Thanato Twist & Oleg’s sound system – Swing mastication

7 07 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

If the world of lo-fi IDM could find more oompf, this would be the place. A wealth of toys has been intergrated into these 10 tracks that will make your mind swirl and your body ache for more. Ofcourse it may just as well be possible that you’re not into such degraded toynoises. If that is the case, you certainly got lost and trapped in a world you needn’t be in.
Most likely you will thoroughly enjoy this recording of two giants in the world of experimental improv’ed music: Ayato and Kortane Cortex.

A review of their first album on Treetrunk records reveils this:
“Psychedelic blasts, vast explosions of noises, unbeat in the repetitions, celestial harmony torn. Plasma waves building the spatial scene of Bailarin noche. Slobbery beats and sweating melodies turn around our solar system. There’s no doubt ! The brain of the Thanato’s is lost in a somber meditation. Black hole. White noise. Ready to thrill on the drift ?”
This may as well have been the review of this current release; it is just breathtaking!

Recorded live & cut @ la ferme lá 07/05/2010 – Olivet, France
master @ Léon la Beauce 23/6/2010
Thanatomutsi VO2 & Thanatogushi ID play:
PSR48, DSR2000, TR606, Dictaphone, Pedals
artwork: Joe Baire


01 – Desert march
02 – Program change
03 – Glitchy-pitchy
04 – Noxious nuggets
05 – Soul delicatessen
06 80’s twisted Oleg’s revenge
07 – Whimsical resurection dub
08 – Nuclear nub
09 – Incantation
10 – Rising at the rill

JNN097 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 38.21

JNN096 Jazznoize – Sediments

7 07 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

From Spain, this multi experimentalist dares walk on the dark side of sounds as one would go shopping at the supermarket. His varried pallet of sounds has matured much since the establishement of Jazznoize in 2005. Sergio Sánches Nicolás uses field recordings transforming them a lot or at all, technicians of loop, audible errors, or the slow sounds like pure example of transformation of the means. If you’ve never heard the eerie sounds of this Spanish meister then let this opportunity not pass you by and join in this special treat for the ears.


01 – Semana Santa
02 – Nuevo Mundo I
03 – Nuevo Mundo II
04 – Fosa
05 – Necro to William
06 – Inter trash
07 – 9mm
08 – Yacimiento

JNN096 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 30.48