JNN095 Luis Antero – Website Story (2010)

7 07 2010

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The fervent listener of the weekly NTNS radioshow knows. I have a soft spot for field recordings. It just cannot be too pure to please my listeners ears. I find that it sooths and calms and takes me to a different place; one that allows the imagination to kick in and take a short holiday.
Just not Normal now has its own first pure fieldrecordings album added to the roster. The amazing Luis Antero from Portugal has a special story to share; his website story. Be sure to check out the zipfile which contains awesome images from the various locations.

This recording consists of released and unreleased field recordings from Portugal.
Locations: Portugal (Alvoco das Várzeas, Sabugueiro, Gramaços, Galizes, Folgosinho, Casais de Folgosinho, Várzea de Meruge, Oliveira do Hospital, Parente, Sandomil, Lajeosa, Nogueirinha, Meruge, Lisboa e Coimbra)
Equipment: Digital Recorder Zoom H4 + Headphones
Sennheiser HD 202

01. Pastagens Sonoras (00:00-13:25)
02. Water Music (13:23-25:15)
03. City Noise (28:47-37:05)
all recordings between 2008 and 2010


01 – Website Story (2010)

JNN095 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 37.05

JNN093 Voder – Fields

7 06 2010

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The third second releaser comes from Brighton, UK. Paul Nadin, or better known as Voder has previously released his most beautiful album ‘Island’ on the fantastic Distance Recordings netlabel.
Where before he used the recordings of a visit to Iceland to create an aural description of the various locations which he visited and made field recordings of, this time he takes us to the fields. Which fields as of yet are unknown, but I think in all of us slumbers that hidden field of our youth that this music so well captures. Take a trip down memorylane and join in on this 6-track album of pure joy.


01 – Calm of the storm
02 – Sea fog makes landfall
03 – Fields 1
04 – Fields 2
05 – Luna
06 – Saccades

JNN093 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 33.35 minutes

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JNN045 Anton Mobin – Fréquence

7 06 2009

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Original soundwork by Anton Mobin
release under creative commons license for JustNotNormal netlabel in 2009, 7th June.


Release name : Fréquence ep
Author: Anton Mobin
Title : Fréquence
Total duration : 11’26”

Field recordings, edit & mix by Anton Mobin
Mastering by Mark “Mystahr” Stolk

Artwork : Anton Mobin


01 – Fréquence

JNN045 Anton Mobin zipfile & artwork
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 11.26 minutes

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