JNN075 My brother Daniel – Live in the Studio

7 02 2010

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1-off live improv


Casio SK-1
Dr Sampler SP-202
GameBoy Nanoloop v1.5
Bebot iPhone Synth
Roland MC-202
Buddha Machine
Bent BabyBird Synth
Roland TR-505
Roland SH-32
Roland HS-60
Yamaha TG-33
Kong P3
Nintendo Korg DS-10


I suppose these are unrehersed jamms that get lucky.
Most of the time these are the jamms that get sampled for
Radio Scotvoid’s studio recordings.
We thought you’d like to hear some of the jamms in full.

It is about as close as you’ll get to hearing this project
live as unfortunatly (or not) these jamms will never be heard
the same again.

The My Brother Daniel live project has it’s roots in surrealism,
jazz/funk, ambient/acid house and DIY/Bent recording stylings.

Thanks to:

Noel Snow
Ken Rei
Dino Felipe
Strange Maine

thanx for the inspiration.

a CURIOS/RSVP production 2009


1. Frederick
2. Fresh K1
3. I Am In Control Now
4. Bebot Charlie**
5. Concrete
6. Baby Bird
7. Vyb
8. Sad Pad
9. Nano 90210
10. GB Treats
11. Slab Me***
12. Baby Bird (Reprise)

JNN075 zipfile including art
Runtime: 1’03.10

*I Am In Control Now was previously released on
Just Not Normal Netlabel, Netherlands 50th release JNN050 – no-R-mal
**Features Momo
***Features Snoel

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JNN074 10KoneKt – Winx

7 02 2010

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Cut in live session recorded in 2009.
all tracks only made with circuit bent toys.

good listen.

01 – Winx 01
01 – Winx 02
01 – Winx 03
01 – Winx 04
01 – Winx 05

JNN077 zipfile including art
runtime: 27.17

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JNN044 Pighood – To patch a creditor

7 06 2009

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Hymn: Why don’t you have a seat right over there?

P*gh**d: These cookies are delicious…did you hatch them on your own?

Hymn: Keep your hands where I can see them.

P*gh**d: Is that a Neumann in your pocket, or are you just extremely pumped about your job?

Hymn: Soooooo….what was your plan for tonight?

P*gh**d: To pee on thy forehead until there ain’t no more pee in mee.

Hymn: What do you think should happen to you?


Hymn: Oh, for gross!

P*gh**d: I blame Bush.

Hymn: Don’t we all?



01 – Analgesic gnome
02 – Earth hour? … Feh
03 – Hitler on the roof
04 – In with the old
05 – Kapumpkin
06 – Mao ze dongle
07 – Pro ham shoot her tow
08 – Qontac
09 – Soljay
10 – Stop having a boring tuna
11 – Twitter

JNN044 Pighood zipfile with art
All tracks: 192kbs. Runtime: 56.39 minutes

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JNN026 Pighood – Klippklappkeppilookie

7 03 2009

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Q1: What is this Pighood already?

A1: An nounjective pertaining to apricot colored winter garment worn by the fartist in 1978 to the amusement and of a big titty school chum named Claudia. Ohai!)

Q2: What the hell, dude?

A2: A sleepy brain invents scenarios wot make a wakey brain shrug and go “ummm…waht?” The audio portion of mines winds up in this here digital format for your amusement/derision/inertia. It don’t get no deeper than that.

Q3: Where to now, Saint Pighood?

A3: Circuit City methinks…I wish to make tinkle on the remaining fixtures.


01 Clowes
02 Keeps on going
03 Lungs, kittens & push-pins
04 Medium rarebit
05 Peppermap
06 Pock pock
07 There’s plenty more
08 They live in your eyelashes
09 Yippie Thai

JNN026 Pighood zip-file
All tracks 192kbs. Runtime: 48:27 minutes

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JNN022 – Khate – Detritivore

7 01 2009

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The color of the sky at 5:57 a.m.; the smell of a dormant furnace,
revived; the feel of dusty boxes. Bells, blips, and boooooms.
Precipitation is inspiration. Closets are emptied — long-hidden
treasure awaits.

Circuit-bent instruments, analog synths, abused vinyl, and field
recordings serve as the orchestra on this release. Best enjoyed on
chilly nights in low lighting.

‘This is the very first of Khate releases to be of free nature’
We at JNN have been long time fans of her work, and are ever so proud
to bring you Detritivore. 13 tracks of sheer and unmistakably Khate sound.
If you’ve never heard of Khate before then here is your chance to taste,
be ready though to be succumbed and addicted.’

01 Dysfunction
02 787
03 – Tired
04 Isabel
05 Hello melancholia
06 So I’m told
07 Additives
08 Low tide
09 Entemological temple
10 The cosmonaut
11 Basic
12 The void (january mix)
13 Diesel

Khate Detritivore zipfile & artwork
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime 1.00’52

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