JNN090 Christian Doil – Eis

7 05 2010

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Another album that was sent to me early March. But it was untill I’ve started preparing this album that I fell deeply in love with the sounds and atmospheres here. As the title of the album suggests, much of its content is based on ice, and no no thin ice in here, but thick and most wondrous layers of ice will subdue you into a parallel world of cristals and frozen water.
When at one point the world may have lost its icecaps there will still remain the memory through sound. My suggestion; dive deep into this spectacular release of beautiful tones and lovely tapestries of delight.

“Für die Soundaufnahmen standen verschiedene Gläser, die mit unterschiedlichen Mengen Wasser gefüllt waren, auf einem Tisch. Diese Gläser wurden zum Klingen gebracht. Die dabei aufgezeichneten Töne wurden geschnitten, gefiltert, modifiziert und zu Tonkollagen verarbeitet.”
“For these soundrecordings several glasses fill with different amounts of water stood on a table. These glasses were trembled; the recordings of which got cut, filtered, modified and molden into a soundcollage.”


01 – Eisblume
02 – Eiskorn
03 – Eislicht
04 – Eisregen
05 – Frost
06 – Gefrierpunkt
07 – Gletscher
08 – Klareis
09 – Kristall
10 – Packeis
11 – Reflexionen
12 – Reif
13 – Schneefall
14 – Starre

JNN090 Christian Doil zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 1’18.29

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