JNN023 Dzlav – Toy machines and scavenged melodies

7 02 2009

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Post ‘post meridien’ Dzlav returns with fresh new sounds to bring an even more sophisticated psychedelia; unleashing his toys onto the dancefloor of your mind. There is something ever so effective and affective in his tunes, that would bring the quirkyest of brains to dance off the ceiling.

Is it glitch pop, abstract psychedelia or experimental minimalism?
We think its braindance! and its good!

01 Steel
02 Electra
03 Refresh clicker
04 Slow spin
05 Toys
06 Green rubber shoes
07 Strings
08 Slut data – Neonbrain (dzlav remix)

JNN023 Dzlav zip-file
All tracks 320kbs. Runtime: 40.38 minutes

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