JNN106 Szentpétery Csaba – Conclusion

7 10 2010

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It was somewhere in 2009 that through NTNS radio I first heard of this Hungarian artist. I had played an album from him that was released on Amduscias Records and I loved that to bits. The silence after that settled in untill early August Szentpétery contacted me and asked me if I was interested in releasing his latest album. Without hearing even a single tone I welcomed him onboard and new that I would be proud of this fine fine release.
And so it did turn out to be; this 12 track album that floats on soft noise, dark ambience but most of all a great atmosphere of abstract experimentalism. Today is the day that you get to hear from this artist. Put up your feet and relax to the hypnotizing works from Szentpétery, your chance is now!


01 Overture atmosphere
02 Horsefly
03 The visitors
04 The visitors Pt 2
05 The visitors Pt 3
06 Dark swarm
07 For we are many
08 Escape
09 Exit
10 2’30’19’20
11 Datapile
12 Conclusion

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JNN088 Lethargija – Tavaa Praataa

7 05 2010

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This album was played well over a month ago on NTNS radio and stirred a great big vibe inside. Luckily Julia Mangore has obliged in Just not Normal providing for a more permanent home for this radical album. Experimental IDM I’d say, but her myspace page says it all:
Psychical sonic, phonic, sometimes tonic experiments by Julia Mangore and OctobrineXIII, since 2009.


01 – Collage
02 – Narcissism
03 – Baby play
04 – Sterne Frau

JNN088 Lhetargija zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 33.13

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JNN078 Martin Back – Izisk

7 03 2010

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Martin Back is a sound/media artist, musician/composer and sonic provocateur living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. He studied film and video at the College of Santa under the tutelage of pioneering media theorist Gene Youngblood and media artist David Stout. He has studied experimental composition and sound art privately with composer David Dunn. Martin’s work is multiplicitous and makes use of drone, graphic and text scores, digital computers and software, custom analog electronics, field recordings, noise, custom instruments, and site specific performance. He performs often in various ensembles in New Mexico, including the Ancestral Groan Liberation Orchestra; the Soundpainting Orchestra of New Mexico; and The Transducers.

Izisk is his second full album release where he goes beyond the experimental. These highly avant guarde tracks taunt the ears and brain and take you into a world of fantasy, the unique world of Martin Back.


01 – Gravity fields for computer generated piano No. 1
02 – Izisk
03 – Garden of delights
04 – The atonement of Man
05 – Cavity search
06 – Musica nusquam

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JNN064 The Silence Bureau – The Silence Bureau

7 11 2009

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This album contains minimalistic noise, avant-garde synthesizer, guitar, and piano experiments recorded from 2007 to the present year. Sound collages of varied textures and moods, overall this album will challenge listeners to reconsider the nature of ‘music’.

Jeff Fowler aka The Silence Bureau


01 – Overt transmissions
02 – Wake
03 – 33Saturday
04 – We put them on the frozen tracks
05 – Six guitars
06 – Yet another space western
07 – Outlets for passion
08 – Spectacle
09 – Ambient party to go
10 – Future compositions for ancient technology
11 – Garbled samba
12 – Observation
13 – Sectile 2.0
14 – Energie
15 – The long road

JNN064 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 1.17’44

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