JNN109 Muied Lumens – Start Point

7 11 2010

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For as long as I can remember Rob Solheim aka Muied Lumens has been an active participant in the solstice marathons over at Electro Music. Still for some reason it has taken up untill now for Rob to release his first ever full featured album. And boy are we proud at JNN to be the host of this very first sublime album.
As Rob states in one of his emails to me: “It has kick started something that I have been missing for a while – which is to make composed stuff instead of just playing live material. I will continue doing more tracks as and when I have time”.
The world of CC music has just gained a new fantastic artist in its mids.


01 – Moonrise at Start point
02 – Alienative
03 – Antidistance recalculator

JNN109 zipfile including artwork

JNN030 Light Implant – Thee sekret EP

7 03 2009

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Welcome to the darker side of JNN

Light Implant
Hyaena Reich

01 Cipher of Lux
02 Vacuum lunch
03 Al-Kheva
04 Little metal chair
05 Barack Obama

JNN030 Light Implant zip-file
All tracks 256/192kbs. Runtime: 27’17

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