JNN110 Khate – Therapy

7 11 2010

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What are you saying; you never heard of Khate before. What rock have you been living under?
One of the finer mistresses of the world of experimental electronics resurfaces with a brand new album!
After the longest absence from music making and as she claims ‘the crazies’ this fine fine artist returns and boy are we in for a treat. From one of our back and forth emails:

“But! I’m on the mend (or at least pretending to be). And one thing me & the ol’ therapist are working on is me being able to let go of artwork. Like, it’s never good enough, so it languishes in the hard drive/studio forever. I’ve got hours of material that have been building up over the past couple years that I just can’t let go of. Yet I’ve kept them around and worked on them over and over, so I must think they have some merit.

I wanna set some of these captive animals free, just grit my teeth and let them go. In my head, these are terrible tracks… but I can’t exactly hear someone argue otherwise unless I let them go, right?”

Let’s give Khate a warm welcome back and for now delve into this 17 track madness called Therapy, being Therapy.


01 – Spawn of Ingram
02 – High plains
03 – Let’s fuck
04 – Moon
05 – An unfortunate relapse
06 – Ymas
07 – Mad weather
08 – Working title
09 – Labyrinth
10 – Summers fly by
11 – Tape
12 – Pizzano+
13 – The cold
14 – 755
15 – Stew
16 – Syrup
17 – Vesani (march)

JNN110 zipfile including artwork




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7 11 2010
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11 11 2010
Khate – Therapy |

[…] Therapy is a bold endeavor from an artist known for a level of creative perfectionism that borders on the manic and obsessive. Encapsulating the array of styles for which she is renowned, Khate has severed the bonds of possession and let slip a daunting invitation into the domains over which she reigns. Less a cohesive snapshot of a particular mood, and more a cross-section of the work that leads us to this release, Therapy delivers the gamut of experimental music: from arrhythmic and atonal soft noise to synthesized, glitchy minimal IDM. All of this accomplished with her trademark ensemble of circuit-bent instruments and accoutrements. […]

14 11 2010
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20 02 2011
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