JNN103 A Maïzing session with … Mystahr, Ian Linter & Anton Mobin

7 09 2010

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A Maïzing session with…

Project: Created in May 2009, “ A Maïzing session with…” is dedicated to live improvised
music and organised at the Maïzing Studio in Paris, by Anton Mobin.
The programmation is established according the meeting and the artist who come in tour
in Paris.
For the first saison (May 2009-May 2010), “ A Maïzing session with…” was 13 radio shows
with 22 european artists.

Date: July 21th, 2010
Artists: Mystahr – Ian Linter – Anton Mobin

For the passage of Mystahr in Paris, Ian Linter and Anton Mobin decide to join their forces
to organize several sonic events to celebrate this occasion.
Each artists are in contact on the web since a long time, but never have the opportunity to
meet together.
That’s done on July 21th, 2010 at the Maïzing Studio in Paris, where these three friends
set up their complete gear to a special two hours radio show !

The Maïzing session was divided in two different parts:
First, each artist present a solo set around twenty minutes, which is the better solution for
everyone to discover the sound of each other.
Then, all three join for the real Maïzing session of 40 minutes, during this one three sound
universe collapse in a singular one.

After the session, Mystahr and Ian Linter, both owner of a fantastic netlabel, decide to
release the two different parts in an identificable netrelease: Three solos on OFF/BRUMA
and the collective improv’ on Just Not Normal.

JNN103 – A Maïzing session with…
OFFB015 – Three solos

Please, visit the both website which offer you to hear the whole journey !
> https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/
> http://astrangerparadise.com/offbruma/


A maïzing session with … Mystahr, Ian Linter & Anton Mobin
Runtime: 45.07

JNN103 zipfile including artwork




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