FMC05 usr/sbin – Full flower

7 06 2010 page
SonicSquirrel page

Already the fifth in this year series of live improv’ed ambient experimental sound exploration. On this edition the guitar takes a prominent role, rather less the electronic experimentalism; except for the first track. That in itself don’t make this any less interesting. Climb aboard on this special series that takes place in the Second Life reality.

A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume five: Full flower

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on May 27th 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010

Next Live show: June 26th


01 – Ghostly green
02 – Thawing away the snow mass
03 – Lust for light
04 – Dry on the high plains

FMC05 zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 52.47 minutes

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2 responses

7 06 2010
Dennis Moser

Expect to see more of the bifurcated aspect of this release in the future. As an electro-acoustic musician, I continue to explore the boundaries of the electronic and the acoustic.

#5 may yet prove to be The Rubicon of my adventure … stay tuned and enjoy!

27 12 2010
Playlist December 27th 2010 – The Full Moon Concert series Marathon « Not the normal shit radio

[…] FMC05 – Full flower – Ghostly green – Thawing away the snowmass – Lust for light – Dry on the high plains […]

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