JNN089 AAGSF – It is more then all world

7 05 2010

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For the longest time I’ve admired the works of AAGSF very much. AAGSF or in the longer version: Aliens A Galactic Sound Flanks hails from Moscow Russia and has to date released many a beautiful album on the Russian RusZud netlabel. I am not sure if he has released outside of RusZud a lot, but let this moment be one for you to get acqainted with the subtle and deep works of this sound meister.

The matter cannot appear and cannot disappear. As also project AAGSF was always. Sounds of novel galaxies, civilizations. AAGSF a heritage of global infinity. Each track – is direct contact since 2005. AAGSF – mysterious noise the project from Moscow (Russia)


01 – I require you
02 – I am weak
03 – 1 in space
04 – Struggle

JNN089 AAGSF zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 21.42

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8 05 2010
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31 05 2010

Once again the notion of Time will be questioned by the listening. The slow and regular oscillations enter vibrations by simple resonance -by sympathy?- Reactors stopped since several million years, the board computer has to be on “auto dim ” as we said…The space-ship drifts like a dead object in the infinity of a distant cosmos, some capsules of hyper-hibernation float around him according to the secret laws of celestial mechanics. Each track is a point of view on the situation, but the situation is only one and discouraged (I require you, I am weak, 1 in space, Struggle). Orbital satellites undergoing the attraction of an immovable gravitation : It is more then all world. AAGF on JNN

Darby Mullens


25 12 2010
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