JNN087 Candstandya – Slow motions

7 05 2010

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Hailing from Brussels in Belgium comes Michiel Geluykens aka Candstandy.
Early March he nudged me towards his first full album release for a possible JNN release. It needed but a few listens to know this very much deserved a spot on the label.
His original idea was to create a dreamlike atmosphere using abstract sounds and motions. I must confess that this turned into a very warm, yet still experimentally edgy result that will guide the listeners ears into a comfortzone with slow drones and soft poppy moods.
These slow buddening eight tracks were recorded during 1 week in november 2009 using Guitar, E-Bow, Effects and Laptop.

All tracks written, recorded, edited and mixed by Michiel Geluykens. Artwork by Michiel Geluykens.


01 – Into wishes
02 – Nothing is the same
03 – Resonance
04 – Beatless
05 – Adrift (interrupted)
06 – Ocean
07 – A silent day
08 – Reason

JNN087 Candstandya zipfile including artwork
Runtime: 39.20

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22 05 2010
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20 03 2011
ata kavalci

I have reached this page accidentally during a search for composer.
I have listened all the eight tracks and couldn’t help myself of not leaving without a comment:
I am not a music expert but think that two of the tracks worth attention.
05 – Adrift and 07 – A silent day.

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