JNN100 No-R-mal II (call for submissions)

25 04 2010

As of today the doors are opening up once again for submissions for the 2nd epic compilation album of Just not Normal.
Our 100th release will be in the same vein as JNN050 and aiming for 50+ tracks. The added bonus for this release however will be that from all submitted tracks a 100 sec clip will be cut which will become part of a quilted megamix.

So what is expected from you the artist:

– Preferably enter an unreleased track, though old is ok.
– Try and keep it under 10 minutes, minimal lenght 100 seconds.
– It is prefered that you enter a wav or aiff file
(if necessary slight mastering will be done)
– Style: anything goes, if you frequent JNN you know what is expected.
– This will be a creative commons licensed album!

To enter:
Try yousendit or any other upload-tool to share your file
Mail the content/link to: jnotnormal@gmail.com
Deadline: July 1st
Release-date: August 7th

If you are unaware of No-R-mal the first edition, check out JNN050 No-R-mal

Now get your (g)ear on!!!




13 responses

25 04 2010
25 04 2010
Dennis Moser

Cool … I KNOW I’ve got a track or two laying about that I could submit.

3 05 2010
c. reider

Count me in!

14 05 2010

Choronzon will manage something for this. It sounds lovely…

15 05 2010

I am sending something promptly!

18 05 2010

I will be submitting something as well.

19 05 2010

w00t! Submission sent.

25 05 2010

And in case you may want to hear what today’s status of JNN100 is:

Currently there are already 24 entries, if compared to JNN050 we are now halfway in. Still there is well over a month before the deadline closes.
So get in now while you can!

7 06 2010
Productive Sunday! «

[…] only bought groceries and did laundry today, but I also mastered the tracks I'll be submitting to No-R-mal II and the as-of-yet-untitled Mental Hygiene League […]

20 06 2010
Dave Seidel

Finalizing my submission now….

23 06 2010

I did submit a track for the compilation to 🙂

28 06 2010

For those keeping track, the deadline is nearing and meanwhile there are already 52 tracks in!!!

29 06 2010
Dennis Moser

Am sending you the link for mine in about 10 minutes … wrapping up the tweaking now …

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