JNN086 Joe Frawley – Angel boxes

7 04 2010

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Ever since I came in touch with the music of Joe Frawley I was instantly sold. That first I heard was Ritual Research on Clinical Archives which was like a potpouri of fushioned styles though an elevated level of musicianship sounded throughout the entire album. Since that time I’ve always tried to keep up to date with his works, but timemanagement is not an easy task. And then there was Angel Boxes; Joe himself wasn’t too certain how listeners would respond to this what I would call modern classical opera. But when my ears heard this again I fell in love. Rachel Rambach is the vocal in here that perhaps not shatter the glass but her singing sooths and the work Joe adds to this brings out a new definition of opera-singing.

Rachel Rambach, voice. Joe Frawley, piano & electronic arrangement. Music composed by Joe Frawley except False Memory and Red Moon by Joe Frawley/Rachel Rambach. Looking Glass composed by Rachel Rambach.

01 – Angel box one
02 – Angel box two
03 – Angel box three
04 – Angel box four
05 – Angel box five
06 – False memory
07 – Looking glass
08 – ext
09 – Red moon
10 – My Lagan love

JNN086 Joe Frawley zip file including art
Runtime: 20.46




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25 12 2010
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