JNN084 AKU – Senja Ini di Tangga Keramik

7 04 2010

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Of all the remarkable releases from all over the globe this certainly stole my heart with its most weird and live recorded tracks that meander somewhere between the sound of The Orb, Merzbow and Zappa. A remarkable trio indeed to make its appearance in an album notice. AKU is a group of artists that got together in the Smooth Studio in Bandang, Indonesia in Januari 2010.
One not often hears music from this island group, but there is most definately a lively experimental scene happening there. Let AKU be your guide into the world of outrageous but most intriguing soundry.

AKU are : Mboth, Sagat, Kutuk, Septi, Abo, Uya, Fathan


01 – Pengutil dan Kasir
02 – Mari mencintai
04 – ZAS Bubuk
05 – Octoseptic
06 – Buah science adalah Leluhur dari Akar Budaya Cinta

JNN084 AKU zipfile including art
Runtime: 48.15




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10 04 2010
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