JNN083 Cezary Gapik – Vol. 43

7 04 2010

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Cezary Gapik (also know as CEZAR) was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1963. He started his musical activity in 1980 as an animator of punk rock bands. Soon enough he discovered new sounds which were brought by the punk rock rebellion. Cabaret Voltaire, Public Image Ltd. or other “new wave” bands had an enormous influence on the perception of music by Cezar. Plunging into the fundaments of musical avant-garde (Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, Luc Ferrari, La Monte Young), the appearance of new creative possibilities (computer) together with the works of artists like Mick Harris (Lull, Scorn), Illusion of Safety, etc. had definitively shaped the musical direction towards which Cezary Gapik follows. His musical creation is based on drones and micro-tonal sound planes interlaced with abstract “images” (field recordings) or computer-processed synthetic sounds (glitch).

Vol. 43 expresses a lot already since this truly is his 43rd release. Many free releases by Cezary can be found scattered on numerous netlabels, but for this volume Just not Normal is proud to host this sound-master. Take your moment and dwell in the realms that lie hidden neats the sounds. As Cezary himself expresses on his future plans: “there is still a lot of unrest in my soul which I desire to transform into sound”. That we may enjoy his works eternaly.


01 – 0430
02 – 0426
03 – 0432
04 – 0427
05 – 0428
06 – 0431
07 – 0429

JNN083 Cezary Gapik zipfile including art
Runtime: 1’16.40




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4 10 2010
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