JNN082 Achnn – Les draps et la plinthe

7 04 2010

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The illustrous French duo aka Fred and Anne or better known as Achnn return once again to Just not Normal with a full fledged album. Seven tracks that immediately gnaw at the core of your brain with a lot of recognizable acoustic sounds but treated and placed in such a way that soon you’d imagine yourself in a Lynch world of excitement and tension. One might at times even think to hear the great electronic experimentalists from the 50’s and 60’s in these pieces, making this album a timeless work. Just not normal is proud to host Achnn and Les draps et la plinthe. This is a must see movie….

01 – Le mourmon sansytifical
02 – Sur le mode de ta phalange des appointee
03 – Tontem
04 – Flipper
05 – Essuivies
06 – Rateau
07 – Messe molassonne

JNN082 Achnn zipfile including art
Runtime: 45.59



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10 04 2010
Playlist april 10th 2010 « Not the normal shit radio

[…] – Les draps et la plinthe (Just not Normal) – Le mourmon sans ytifical – Sur le mode de ta phalange desappointee – […]

1 05 2010
achnein ?

Du bist zwei // *

24 05 2010

השקר מתחיל עם הנשייה

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