JNN FMC01 usr/sbin – Wolf Moon Rising

7 02 2010

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Some time ago Dennis asked me if he could do a year-series on Just not Normal that all featured live concerts during the full moon.
I was quite taken by the idea of a 12 month series and agreed that JNN would be releasing each and every one concert, and here we are at the beginning of something spectacular.

A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume one: Wolf moon rising

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or ‘usr/sbin’)
Live in Second Life on January 29th 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010

Next Live show: …

01 – Wolf moon rising, thrice x twice
02 – Moonrise across the high plains
03 – Moonglow
04 – Chasing moonshadows through the Vedauwoo
05 – Home and repose (moonlight through the curtains)

JNN077 zipfile including art
Runtime: 57.09

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4 responses

9 02 2010
1 03 2010
kali jie

on Second Life. How do we hear the music. I tried for ages and got nothing. opened up preferences and adjusted things there, emptied the cache..made sure the volume was up on both my computer and also in Secondlife.
I am on a mac..does that make a difference.

1 03 2010
kali jie

It’s ok…got it. (there were lags and it took awhile for the media streaming play button to register that I had pressed it..so kept going on to other thing. What I heard of the concert (5 mins) I liked:-)

27 12 2010
Playlist December 27th 2010 – The Full Moon Concert series Marathon « Not the normal shit radio

[…] FMC01 – Wolf moon rising – Wolf moon rising – Moonrise across the high plain – Moonglow – Chasing moonshadows – Home and repose […]

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