JNN068 dxiv – Enviroments for Izzy’s

7 12 2009

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Founder and curator of the Stereo-Type netlabel, KJ began producing electronic in 1999, having always played conventional instruments. Obsessed with sound, he has graphed charts of frequencies which cross reference chromatics vs. brain wave ranges and has used these maths in extensive self-experimentation, applying the results to composition. As “choenyi” and “Echo Yin” he has released varietey of netlabels since 2006. The alias “dxiv” predates these for many years and implies works unfettered by an imagination of pleasing any (mythologized) dancefloor.
KJ Choenyi


01 – Arborescing shade
02 – Dysphagia
03 – EndCA09
04 – Modern moments
05 – Never downstairs from her again

JNN068 zipfile including artwork

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18 12 2009
dxiv [Enviroments for Izzy’s] (2009.12.07) « Music is the time of numbers

[…] dxiv [Enviroments for Izzy’s] (2009.12.07) 2009/12/17 computermusicneix Leave a comment Go to comments From: https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/jnn068-dxiv-enviroments-for-izzys/ %5BJNN068%5D […]

21 02 2010
nx2009-12 « Music is the time of numbers

[…] nx2009-12_10/Dxiv/Modern movements/Environments for Izzy’s/[jnn068] […]

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