JNN067 kuz.b – Inside and between a dot

7 12 2009

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Nothing reacts. Juste une bougie. Et la nuit supplémentaire. Seule une toute
petite tortue s’est retournée. The begginnig of nowhere. Quelqu’un l’a vu
s’étaler de toute part. The smoke flew through the window, without a sound. Les
écailles rirent. In a deep and thud swamp of stars. Ces escaliers interminables
rirent. Holding the coulds in one hand. How to get there ? Des lueurs encore.
Des désirs encore. L’as tu vu passer ? Inside and between a dot. The past of a
print. Again. The future of a print.

All these have been recorded in 2008 and 2009. Totally improvised, Totally


01 – Desert insectes apres la guerre humaine
02 – Pauvre sauterelle un trou atomique
03 – Road executes
04 – Souviens toi de ta beaute
05 – Separate
06 – Respirer souffler
07 – Yellow park true balloons
08 – Where you behind the door

JNN067 zipfile including artwork

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18 12 2009
kuz.b [Inside and between a dot] (2009.12.07) « Music is the time of numbers

[…] kuz.b [Inside and between a dot] (2009.12.07) 2009/12/17 computermusicneix Leave a comment Go to comments From: https://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/jnn067-kuz-b-inside-and-between-a-dot/ %5BJNN067%5D […]

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