JNN061 Megatone – Four States

7 11 2009

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Author: Marcel Gherman (Moldova)

In silence rises the immortal spirit,
And without words joy comes.
–Zen Koan

A fragment from the full length album “Four States” was included in project Sommeil: A Concert For Sleep, presented on the night of 11th to 12th of April 2009 at the Antenna Gallery in New Orleans, an event organized by artist Tanner Menard. During this event to a public equipped with sleeping bags there has been offered a “soundtrack for sleep” created by international artists.

The music on album “Four States” is conceived as a background for sleep, relaxation and passive introspection. It attempts to enhance silence, exploring the essential meanings that silence has in various cultures, such as in Zen Buddhism or for the Jesuits. Silence is a symbol for the still, unchanging, perpetual and omnipresent element present in the world, the substrata of reality, the deepest nature of all things, the Existence that precedes Essence. According to Vedanta philosophy, all transient objects in the world are like clouds, but their true nature, their inner Self, their spirit is like the sky, unchanging, eternal and perfect.

The album follows the four elements, four states of consciousness and the four layers of silence as described in Mandukya Upanishad: Awakening, Dream, Deep Sleep and a Fourth hidden state. The first three elements represent the Beginning, the Middle and the End, Past, Present and Future, the forces of Creation, Conservation and Destruction. At the same time the fourth element is a substrata of the first three, the common space in which they occur, their true nature. As described in Maitrayana-Brahmaya Upanishad, the first three elements are unreal, while only the fourth is real.




01 – Awake
02 – Dream
03 – Deep sleep
04 – Fourth state

JNN061 zipfile including art
Runtime: 39.53

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7 11 2009
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