JNN060 Various Artists – The world is Just not Normal Part 3

7 10 2009

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Third in the world is Just not Normal series, and once again a step up in the retrospective megamixing of the best albums on JNN.
At times 4 tracks can be heard at the same time, if you can keep track….

00:00 Altus – Trying to elude that dark place (JNN050 CD1)
06:10 Ian D Hawgood & Miko – Mat (JNN050 CD1)
09:10 Anton Mobin – Frequence (JNN045)
15:02 Stream69 – Souvenirs from Earth (JNN046)
17:21 :retreat: – Movement 1 (JNN053)
20:35 Tim Walters – Termite college (JNN050 – CD2)
23:46 In Cognitus – GoAlgotha (JNN057)
27:29 Hannah M.G. Shapero – Name (JNN042)
30:47 Faustino Goyena – Welter Junior (JNN054)
33:04 Cousin Silas – The sinking of the Cessna (JNN048)
33:40 Emerald Adrift – Phylloxera (JNN050 – CD4)
36:34 My brother Daniel – Tight (JNN059)
40:22 Har – Denormalized (JNN050 – CD3)

The world is Just not Normal Pt 3 (47.19)

JNN060 – The world is Just not Normal zipfile & artwork

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4 responses

10 10 2009
Playlist October 10th 2009 « Not the normal shit radio

[…] you just missed a pre-show play of ‘the world is Just not Normal Pt3′ as released this last week on […]

10 10 2009
Anton Mobin

WOW ! such a great surprise !! THX JustNotNormal !!!

23 10 2009
Scott D Buchanan

really really good mix

4 11 2011
It’s That Man Again » Earthrid

[…] who enjoyed The Melting Static by Cousin Silas will be pleased to hear that he also appears on the new compilation from the Just Not Normal netlabel.  Posted by earthrid at 1:33 […]

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