JNN052 C Reider – Steam Inspector

7 09 2009

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C Reider, the man behind Vuzh and the man behind the ‘Electret Quintet’ series has certainly taken a different direction with this single track release. Amidst the field of drones, drummachines and recorded sounds he creates an ambience of experimental finesse. Dive into a strange world that will enchant your ears and take you on journeys not taken before.


01 – Steam Inspector

JNN052 zip files incl. art
Runtime: 26’16

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2 responses

19 09 2009

I find this an intriguing set of soundscapes. The hiss of escaping essentials. The dynamic activity of passing opportnities.

10 02 2010
C. Reider

This C. Reider, he’s no Pierre Schaeffer.

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