JNN044 Pighood – To patch a creditor

7 06 2009

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Hymn: Why don’t you have a seat right over there?

P*gh**d: These cookies are delicious…did you hatch them on your own?

Hymn: Keep your hands where I can see them.

P*gh**d: Is that a Neumann in your pocket, or are you just extremely pumped about your job?

Hymn: Soooooo….what was your plan for tonight?

P*gh**d: To pee on thy forehead until there ain’t no more pee in mee.

Hymn: What do you think should happen to you?


Hymn: Oh, for gross!

P*gh**d: I blame Bush.

Hymn: Don’t we all?



01 – Analgesic gnome
02 – Earth hour? … Feh
03 – Hitler on the roof
04 – In with the old
05 – Kapumpkin
06 – Mao ze dongle
07 – Pro ham shoot her tow
08 – Qontac
09 – Soljay
10 – Stop having a boring tuna
11 – Twitter

JNN044 Pighood zipfile with art
All tracks: 192kbs. Runtime: 56.39 minutes

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11 08 2009
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