JNN050 I am Just not Normal – Pre-Announcement

14 05 2009

Sometimes ideas just come to me, and for some time I’ve been pondering on what to do for the JNN050 release.

Well; I will open the doors for submissions

Working title/Theme: I am Just not Normal
Presentation: triple CD-length albums – 50 tracks
Track length: please don’t go over 10 minutes
Content: If you’ve never heard a JNN release you’re probably unaware of true content
Old/new: Something new created for this compilation is prefered
File-type: Wav-file 16 bit prefered
License: This will be a creative commons licensed release
Genre/Style: huh? You’re asking me?

For any added info you might need; or for submissions:

Thank you!

Now get your (g)ear on!

Releasedate: August 7th
Deadline: Your tracks must be in before July 1st

– – – –

Update May 26th:

It is getting close to a close-down as for accepting new submissions.
A lot of invitations have gone out and nearly all have accepted the invitation; that ultimately means that I may be no longer open to new submissions as I’m at some 50 yay-sayers allready.
Closing date for new submissions will be June 1st! It does not mean those invited need the tracks in by then!!

So if you want to be on board and have not yet said so, please do so now!

– – – –

Update July 6th

We are still waiting for the last tracks, but those are mostly invitees
What I can say is that we’ll probably not reach 50 tracks; we have however over 40 tracks, so it’s close

Who are on the list:
8m2stereo, achnn, altocumulus, anime hill, anton mobin, bogdan dullsky, C Reider, Diatribes+Ortis+Schlegel, D’Incise, Djet, Dzlav, Gabran, Gregory Conte, Gurdonark, Herzog, Ian D Hawgood, Joe Frawley, Kevin Haller, K Station, Metlay!, Michael Trommer, Mind6Spiral, My brother Daniel, Mystahr, Mystified, Nagual Art, Palancar, Petal, Pharmakustik, Phillip Wilkerson, Pighood, Sabrina Siegel, Sebode Tripa Quartet, Sighup, Strom, Susan Matthews, Terje Paulsen, TGBTS, v4w.enko. A few are still ariving, but I’d say… One heck of a showup!

Update July 14th:

We did reach 50 tracks!!!!!
Those that got added: Altus, Bob Dickinson, Controlled Dissonance, Cousin Silas, Effacer, ö, Julie Rousse, Retreat
and still some tracks are promised but not in yet….

Get ready for some Epic monstrosity on August 7th!




7 responses

20 05 2009

I hope to have something for you from My Brother Daniel

23 05 2009
8m² stereo

thanks for the invitation ..


.. to be interested
one must be disinterested to begin with,
accept that a sound is a sound
and a man is a man,
give up illusions about ideas of order,
expressions of sentiment, and all the rest
of our inherited aesthetic claptrap ..

(john cage, silence, m.i.t. press 1966)


24 05 2009

One nasty brutish and short JNN track coming up, Mark. ‘Twill be my pleasure.

25 05 2009
C. Reider

Thank you for the invitation. I would be pleased to participate.

26 05 2009

Thanks, Mark!

I am glad to participate!

50, but does not show!


17 06 2009
C. Reider

I’m working on my track, it’s nearly complete.

Do you wish to receive a hard copy via CDr, or will I be able to upload the file to my server?

16 07 2009

I am glad to be on the list, but I am even more glad to see so many folks whose music I enjoy on the list as well! Cool project!

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