JNN041 La Ferièrre Ensemble – De-Composizioni

7 05 2009

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“De-Composizioni” was originally realized (but actually not distributed) as homemade demotape in 2006, almost in accidental circumstances.
All tracks, based on few simple sounds and captured in a field recording, are composed, performed & recorded live during a studio session, and their structures are mostly improvised.

La Ferrière Ensemble is:

Imago Meccano: drum machine, pedal effects, elec guitars, accordion, concept

LamieraChicken: elec guitar, pedal effects

Onoco: pedal effects, bass guitar

All tracks by La Ferrière Ensemble (2006)
Recording, mixing & mastering by Imago Meccano


01 – De-Composizioni 1
02 – De-Composizioni 2
03 – De-Composizioni 3
04 – De-Composizioni 4
05 – De-Composizioni 5
06 – De-Composizioni 6
07 – (BonuSenzatitolo N.7)

JNN041 La Ferierre Ensemble zip file + artwork
All files 192 kbs. Runtime: 37.10 minutes

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4 responses

9 05 2009
Playlist May 9th 2009 (as the show progresses) « Not the normal shit radio

[…] Ferrière Ensemble – De-Composizioni – BonuSenzatitolo […]

1 07 2009


This ZIP file does not open, and the track nr. 4 downloads the track nr. 3.

Can you fix this?

Thank you


1 07 2009

Thank you Carlos,
Indeed the tracknumbers had an error in the link itself; this is now fixed.
The zip-file is replaced, please let me know if the problem remains.

1 07 2009

Everything is OK now, thank you. Keep on the excelent work on JNN and NNTS.



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